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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
leveraged buyout
management buyout
▪ Junk bonds were used to finance leveraged buyouts and takeovers, with the aim of extracting value from existing bondholders and shareholders.
▪ In 1989, after several years of lagging profits, Lechmere changed hands as a result of a management-led leveraged buyout.
▪ Shareholders can protect themselves from hostile takeovers and leveraged buyouts by not agreeing to sell their shareholdings at a discount.
▪ Rather than focus on big leveraged buyouts, Ripplewood will primarily look at medium-size businesses with potential to export their products.
▪ Co., the New York-based leveraged buyout specialist, sources said.
▪ Read in studio Workers at a piano factory threatened with closure have been demonstrating in support of a management buyout.
▪ During the 1980s, the phrases leveraged buyout and management buyout echoed all over Wall Street.
▪ Mr Ethrington had no association with the management buyout team when he was advising the Government.
▪ Funds are used for start-ups, for expansion and second stage growth, and often for management buyouts of an existing company.
▪ Caradon was floated in July 1987 with a market value of £134m following a £61m management buyout from Reed in 1985.
▪ Read in studio One of the oldest parts of Robert Maxwell's collapsed empire has been revived by a management buyout.
▪ Evans was a product of another classic 1980s business - the management buyout.
▪ In 1987, he organised a £57 million management buyout of Pontins, then owned by Bass.
▪ AT&T successfully negotiated a buyout of McCaw Cellular.
▪ Co., the New York-based leveraged buyout specialist, sources said.
▪ Financing buyouts has, however, retained its popularity given the greater security involved in such a deal.
▪ Goodrich had approached Rohr about a friendly buyout several months ago, he said.
▪ In the previous year only 53% of buyouts came from corporate restructuring.
▪ It was not a typical privatization, since all shares were sold to employees - what we call an employee buyout.
▪ Reports of negotiations have persisted since the Wall Street Journal reported last month that a buyout was imminent.
▪ Some numbers crunchers predict that few non-defense employees will get buyouts this year under the authority that ends in December.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

buyout \buy"out\ n. (Business, Finance) the acquisition of ownership of a company by purchasing a controlling percentage of its stock.

Syn: takeover.


alt. (context finance English) The acquisition of a controlling interest in a business or corporation by outright purchase or by purchase of a majority of issued shares of stock. n. (context finance English) The acquisition of a controlling interest in a business or corporation by outright purchase or by purchase of a majority of issued shares of stock.


n. acquisition of a company by purchasing a controlling percentage of its stock


In finance, a buyout is an investment transaction by which the ownership equity of a company, or a majority share of the stock of the company is acquired. The acquiror thereby "buys out" the present equity holders of the target company. A buyout will often include the purchasing of the target company's outstanding debt, which is referred to as "assumed debt" by the purchaser.

Buyout (Breaking Bad)

"Buyout" is the sixth episode of the fifth season of the American television drama series Breaking Bad, and the 52nd overall episode of the series. Written by Gennifer Hutchison and directed by Colin Bucksey, it originally aired on AMC in the United States on August 19, 2012.

Usage examples of "buyout".

MERCHANT PRINCES joe Segal, principal HBC sbarebolderfor a time greatest leveraged buyout in history.

Kendric knew about the giga-conductor, why did he authorize your buyout of the di Girolamo house?

The company then sold shares to the public at a price considerably higher than the buyout price.

I knew that Perry and Gallagher had collaborated on the Tiger buyout, too.

There we intended to casually engage happy-hour patrons in discussion of Thunderbolt, Perry, the proposed buyout, and even Tiger Defense in a last-ditch attempt to track down Man of the People and to uncover any possible clues as to what, precisely, was so dirty about this deal.

As a result, Perry could do his buyout at the depressed price, not to mention win concessions from the union.

Perry launched the Thunderbolt buyout, they had to scrap their careful plans.

I could have used a good associate, because I was soon busy at work again, helping Frank Kryzluk and the Thunderbolt board of directors put together an employee buyout of the company.

For example, in our business ownership dispute, Ted, who is considering accepting a cash buyout offer for his stock from his partner, Mike, may want to step out of the mediation to call his accountant and find out what the tax consequences of the proposed plan might be.

But for now, getting at least an initial opinion from his accountant will probably be enough to help Ted decide whether he should continue negotiating a possible cash buyout of his stock.

He plays the master-class game, backing smugglers like me, leveraged buyouts, corrupting politicians, software piracy, design piracyI bought the Sony flatscreen templates Event Horizon uses from him.

Greer was the only one who didn’t cash the buyout check—maybe he was holding out for more money, or maybe he was ready to blab to the authorities.

Everyone was smiling, moaning, while Alex Timmerman told them about consumer fraud and children's spirit vocalizations, leveraged buyouts and sacred agonies of democratic change.

There were charges and actions against specific banks, accusations of corruption, mismanagement, bad loans and even bribes, but more and more Timmerman had begun to attack the structure as a whole, claiming that the laws themselves undermined the national economy through leveraged buyouts financed by unregulated banks, manipulated stock investments using information about paper loans and 'a suicidal breakdown of the necessary barriers between the people who lend the money and the people who spend it'.

  Returns on leveraged buyouts can go as high as fifty percent—you know, it's fantastic.