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a. (en-comparativebushy)


See bushy

  1. adj. used of hair; thick and poorly groomed; "bushy locks"; "a shaggy beard" [syn: shaggy]

  2. resembling a bush in being thickly branched and spreading

  3. [also: bushiest, bushier]

Usage examples of "bushier".

Tommy, her hair bushier than ever, her cardigan suit rumpled, trying to hold her own between two large men.

Her bush of gray hair seemed bushier and her big lensed glasses made her look like an anxious owl.

The eyebrows were bushier than five years earlier, the nose more pronounced, and the neck a little thicker.

His red hair was bushier, his face paler and the freckles fading his cheeks jowlier.

He was smiling, his eyes glittering through the tangled curtain of his brows, bushier than of yore because he had developed a habit of pulling at them.

One of the trees looked bushier, but how much attention had he been paying before?

Jan saw, was bushier than she remembered it, and was streaked with silvery blond.

The nurse wheeled and undulated toward the airlock, its fur rising and falling in slow waves which ran from the sparse hair at its neck to the bushier growth on the tail.