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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Burdon \Bur"don\, n. [See Bourdon.] A pilgrim's staff. [Written also burden.]
--Rom. of R.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

mule born of a horse and a she-ass, late 14c., from Latin burdonem.


n. A mule born of a horse and a she-ass.


Burdon is a village and civil parish in the City of Sunderland in Tyne and Wear, England. It is south of the city centre. The north-west of the parish includes part of the Doxford Park estate. It has a population of 971.

Burdon (surname)

Burdon is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Eric Burdon (born 1941), English singer
  • Hannah Burdon (1800–1877) English writer of novels
  • John Burdon (1866–1933), Governor-General of British Honduras
  • John Shaw Burdon (1826–1907), English missionary to China
  • Philip Burdon (born 1939), New Zealand politician and lawyer
  • William Burdon (1764–1818) an English academic, mineowner and writer

Usage examples of "burdon".

And now of course there is this other young man, Derek Burdon, but I believe he calls them Aunt, which is a great deal more suitable.

If she could have overheard what was being said between her and Derek Burdon, the uneasiness which had led her to drop the subject would have been very seriously increased.

Maud, did you notice Derek Burdon and that nice girl I was telling you about, Jenny Rainsford?

There was some sort of quarrel between Miss Olivia and the young fellow Derek Burdon whom they call their secretary.

If she did not love Derek Burdon as she had loved Alan Thompson he was still very dear to her, and Olivia was driving him out.

Derek Burdon found her fully dressed, her hair in neatly plaited coils behind and netted fringe in front.

Derek Burdon was in his dressing-gown, an ornate affair which emphasised his pallor.

Stephen had done no more than take a look at the book-lined recess, when Derek Burdon came knocking at the door.

He had left her to the last, and what she said tallied perfectly with the statements made by Derek Burdon, Stephen Eversley, and the maid Anna.

Candida Sayle, about Derek Burdon, about Stephen Eversley, about Anna Rossi.

When Daniel Burdon, FBI special agent, arrived he asked her dad to please wait outside, they had some business to do here.

Karen said, looking right at Burdon, the dude Bureau man in his neat gray suit, pale blue shirt and necktie.

Now Burdon was studying her lying there in her hospital gown, sheet up to her chest, something dripping from the IV into her arm.

He raised the shotgun and put the strip of metal against the seam, where the lock entered the frame, the muzzle of the shotgun exactly three inches now from the dead bolt, and looked over his shoulder at Burdon and Karen.

He bought her a drink and turned out to be a bank robber: the one she told her dad about-after Burdon let her know they had Tillman under surveillance-asking her dad what she should do, and he said get a new boyfriend.