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n. (plural of burden English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: burden)

Burdens (Ava Inferi album)

Burdens is a debut album of the Portuguese Gothic metal band Ava Inferi. It was released in January 2006 by Season of Mist.

"The title describes the collective soul of the band, with its clear roots referring to the past and its troubled paths. Other titles included on this album are [...] rooted in the essences of pain and fear, as well as the eerie and the unknown" .

Usage examples of "burdens".

When the account is made up, the stranger from afar is subject to no greater burdens as a consequence of ownership than the dweller within the gates.

It is natural, therefore, that the corporation should be made to bear some proportion of the burdens of government.

State which the commerce touches, merely because interstate commerce is being done, so that without the protection of the commerce clause it would bear cumulative burdens not imposed on local commerce.

State law which imposes upon all persons engaged in transporting for hire by motor vehicle over the public highways of the State the burdens and duties of common carriers and requires them to furnish bonds to secure the payment of claims and liabilities resulting from injury to property carried, may not be validly applied to a private carrier which is engaged exclusively in hauling from one State to another State the goods of particular factories under standing contracts with their owners, the said carrier enjoying neither a special franchise nor using the eminent domain power.

Yet the State must not put unreasonable burdens upon interstate commerce even in oleomargarine.

Where local and foreign milk alike are drawn into a general plan for protecting the interstate commerce in the commodity from the interferences, burdens and obstructions, arising from excessive surplus and the social and sanitary evils of low values, the power of the Congress extends also to the local sales.

It is a practical, but rather illogical, device to prevent duplication of tax burdens on vehicles in transit.

Most regulations of business necessarily impose financial burdens on the enterprise for which no compensation is paid.

Taxpayers cannot complain of arbitrary action or assert surprise in the retroactive apportionment of tax burdens to income when that is done by the legislature at the first opportunity after knowledge of the nature and amount of the income is available.

She burdens the remainder of my young years by making me, willy nilly, the guardian of her child.

The Dick Burdens of the world plump themselves down by girls without worrying to get permission.

He carried no burdens, only his outer fur wrap, suspended on his back by a wide band of leather wrapped around his sloping forehead, and his weapons.

Despite their burdens, they foraged as they traveled, and so efficiently it hardly slowed them down.

Wearily, the women set down their burdens and fanned out along the pool at the bottom and its narrow outlet to find wood.

He told John Gifford, and He told John Bunyan, till both their burdens rolled off their backs, and they saw them no more.