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Buch (crater)

Buch is an old, worn crater that is located in the rugged southern highlands of the Moon. It lies to the northeast of the large crater Maurolycus, and the comparably sized crater Büsching is attached to the northeast rim.

The crater rim is slightly elongated in the northeastern direction, and forms an egg-shaped depression in the surface. The rim has been eroded by many lesser impacts so that the edge is rounded and worn down, and the crater forms only a low depression in the ground. Within the crater the floor is relatively flat and featureless, with no central peak at the midpoint. There is only a small craterlet near the northwest rim.

It has been noted (by Shoemaker and others) that the satellite crater Buch B is unusual in that it possesses both a dark halo of material around the rim and appears to have formed some dark rays. Early speculation was that this may be volcanic in nature, but it was later demonstrated to be a typical impact crater that was formed over a pocket of darker material.

Buch (surname)

Buch is the surname of:

  • Pauloctus (born 1990), Russian poet.
  • Bob Buch (born 1949), member of the Alaska House of Representatives
  • Claudia-Maria Buch (born 1966), German economist
  • Christian Leopold von Buch (1774-1853), German geologist and paleontologist
  • Eva-Maria Buch (1921–1943), German resistance fighter
  • Walter Buch (1883-1949), German jurist and war criminal

Buch is a surname in India-( pronounced with a bu as in boo & ch as in church).

  • IAS Mahesh Buch, an Indian Administrative Service officer
  • IAS Girish Buch, an Indian Administrative Service officer
  • IAS Mahendra Buch, an Indian Administrative Service officer
  • Vidyut Vishwakant Buch.... President Gandhidham Chamber of Commerce and Ind.

Büch is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Boudewijn Büch (1948–2002), Dutch writer, poet and television presenter
  • Nel Büch (1931–2013), Dutch sprinter
Buch (Berlin)

Buch is a German locality (Ortsteil) within the Berlin borough (Bezirk) of Pankow.

Usage examples of "buch".

Dach passed alongside the table, saying a few words to each man, and reconciling those who like Buchner and young Birken were becoming embroiled in argument ahead of time.

Yet not only the modernists Zesen and Birken, but Buchner and Logau as well, rejected all dialects as vehicles of poetry.

His wallet contained some Icelandic currency and a sheaf of Deutschmarks, together with a German motoring club card identifying him as Dieter Buchner, as also did his German passport.

The Captal de Buch in a will of 1369, the year he abandoned French fealty, evidently felt the need of immediate sanction: he left 40,000 gold ecus for 50,000 masses, all to be said within a year of his death, plus perpetual lamps and additional pious legacies.

We recognise here several leading traits in all the early unspeculative faiths, the vapory form, the echoless motion, the marks of former wounds, the feeble voice, the memory 44 Meiners, Geschichte der Religionen, buch xiv.

Captal of Buch, the Navarrese commander, whom Bertrand had years before defeated and captured, bade him keep the prisoner.

Besides, Sharpe could see that the French were dreadfully outnumbered, outnumbered as heavily as he had been at the Teste de Buch.

He had commanded the Teste de Buch fort and, day after day, year after year, he had watched the empty sea and thought the war was passing him by until, in the very last weeks of the fighting, the British Riflemen had come from the landward side to bring horror to his small command.

There, safe behind the guns of the Teste de Buch fort, the Thuella was beached for repairs.

The fortress of Teste de Buch, Wigram continued, was to be captured by a combined naval and Army force.

The chart showed the great Basin of Arcachon with its narrow entrance channel, and marked the fortress of Teste de Buch on the eastern bank of that channel.

He wondered how Bampfylde proposed crossing the ditches and walls of the Teste de Buch without scaling-ladders, then dismissed the problem as irrelevant now.

In the Teste de Buch Commandant Henri Lassan told his beads, yet somehow could not shift from his thoughts a line from an essay by Montaigne that he had read the night before.

From this landward side the Teste de Buch fort looked hardly formidable.

The guns of the Teste de Buch fired shot weighing thirty-six pounds, each shot propelled by ten pounds and two ounces of black powder.