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BTV may refer to:

Television stations
  • Bahrain Television Station, a series of channels broadcasting in Bahrain (see Bahrain Radio and Television Corporation)
  • bTV (Bulgaria), a major national television channel in Bulgaria
    • bTV Lady, a Bulgarian television channel targeted at a female audience
    • bTV Action, a Bulgarian action show television channel
    • bTV Cinema, a Bulgarian television channel, showing movies and serials
    • bTV Comedy, a Bulgarian television channel, formerly GTV, featuring comedy programs
  • BTV (Lithuania), a television station
  • BTV, a television station in Mongolia
  • Benfica TV, the television channel of sports club S.L. Benfica
  • Bloomberg Television (BTV), a business news channel
  • BTV is a Music Production Software by BKE Technology. In this context BTV is an acronym for "Beat Thang Virtual"
  • Bangladesh Television, a government owned TV channel in Bangladesh
  • Basketball TV, a Philippine all-basketball channel
  • Beijing Television, a series of channels in China
  • Bergens Tidende TV, a local television station in Norway
  • Binghamton Television, the student television station of Binghamton University
  • Bloomsbury Television, the student television channel of University College London
  • Brake to Vacate, device planned by Airbus intended to reduce runway overruns
  • Brown Television, the Student television station at Brown University
  • BTV, the former callsign of TV station VTV in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
  • BTV, known as Birgunj Television Channel
Other uses
  • Bluetongue Virus, the virus that causes the Bluetongue disease
  • BlogTV, a now defunct live broadcasting website
  • Brake to Vacate, an aircraft landing device introduced by Airbus
  • BTV Cup, Binh Duong Television Cup, an international friendly football cup held in Vietnam
  • Burlington International Airport in Vermont, United States (IATA code)
  • Basic Transportation Vehicle, or Basic Utility Vehicle (BUV), a low-cost vehicle intended for developing countries
BTV (Bulgaria)

bTV is the first private national-wide broadcasting television channel in Bulgaria. It is operated by bTV Media Group, part of Central European Media Enterprises, and is reportedly the Bulgarian television channel with the largest viewing audience. It was previously owned by Balkan News Corporation, part of News Corporation. On February 18, 2010, News Corp announced that it had agreed to sell 100% of bTV (along with bTV Comedy and bTV Cinema) to Central European Media Enterprises, after many months of negotiations. The US$400M deal was completed in the second quarter of 2010. bTV has a 37% market share in Bulgaria.

bTV is broadcast terrestrially in Bulgaria and by satellite in other parts of Europe. Most of the channel's original content is available on its Internet site. bTV's first broadcast was on 1 June 2000 using BNT transmitters for Efir 2. The channel began broadcasting 24 hours a day in 2001 after having gradually extended its programme. From September 2012 the channel began broadcasting an HD version, and the old SD channel converted to 16:9 for most newer programs.

bTV is the leading channel in bTV Media Group along with - bTV Comedy, bTV Cinema, bTV Action, bTV Lady and RING. bTV also owns six radio stations - bTV Radio, N-JOY, Z-Rock, Classic FM, Jazz FM and Melody radio.

BTV (Lithuania)

BTV (Baltijos TV) is a Lithuanian television station, established in 1993. BTV broadcasts 24 hours a day and has its headquarters in Vilnius. The program includes entertainment, information and educational programs, films and productions. BTV cover 80% of Lithuania's territory.

From 2002 to 2004, the name of the station was TV4.