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n. (plural of brush English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: brush)

Usage examples of "brushes".

An older man was taking the dirty brushes and sending people to wash at one of the various bathrooms in the house.

Brief brushes, lip to lip, never lingering, teasing her into wanting more.

She lifted the cover of the small compartment that held spare brushes, and reached under the strip of felt that lined it.

Oil on wood, neither potent in themselves, but because the work was done with brushes made of her hair the icon has certain strengthsof suggestion only, but enough to the purpose.

For the finer, bear or sablealthough the new brushes made of seal fur from Friesemark and Vethia are becoming highly prized.

Assiduously cleaning brushes, he watched his hands wipe many-colored magic saturated with his blood onto a cloth that later he would soak with the brushes in a huge tub of water.

Of the rest of Sario there was no sign, no paints, no brushes, no paraphernalia of his life and work.

The brushes on sale might be adequate for painting your window frames, but they were no good at all for my needs.

We found some domestic brushes, the sort with which ladies may powder their faces, but that was all.

The brushes are wrong, the pigments are wrong, he is obliged to mix up his own tints.

He had good oil, brushes not far short of those I am used to and, wonder of wonders, the man even understood some Dutch.

I had spent all my time with my brushes for months now, shunning my needles, but my hand started to twitch as soon as I saw this bounty.

It would take five minutes to throw her clothes in a bag, gather her brushes and go.

Half dreaming, she saw a woman in the room in a chair and a man who was painting her, not on to canvas but directly with brushes on to her face, adjusting the colour with tiny dabs at his palette until it flowed on invisibly.

To teach my brushes I needed to feel that narrow waist with my fingers because those fingers would not believe what my brain was telling them about the shape of her.