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Briscoe -- U.S. County in Texas
Population (2000): 1790
Housing Units (2000): 1006
Land area (2000): 900.254258 sq. miles (2331.647724 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 1.333636 sq. miles (3.454102 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 901.587894 sq. miles (2335.101826 sq. km)
Located within: Texas (TX), FIPS 48
Location: 34.481168 N, 101.273099 W
Briscoe, TX
Briscoe County
Briscoe County, TX
Briscoe (automobile company)

The Briscoe was an American automobile manufactured at Jackson, Michigan, by a group headed by Benjamin Briscoe.

A few months after his departure from the United States Motor Company in 1913, Benjamin Briscoe established a manufacturing plant at Billancourt, France to design and manufacture the first automobile in France built by American methods. The business was called Briscoe Freres; Billancourt was the home of Renault.

In 1915, Briscoe offered what he called "The First French Car at an American Price." Briscoe claimed that the auto had been designed by a French design studio. It featured a single headlamp in the front, faired into the radiator shell. The auto was priced at US$750.00 but this price did not include a top, windshield, or starter.

The company also produced the Argo, the Hackett, and the Lorraine.


Briscoe may refer to:

Briscoe (surname)

Briscoe is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Anne Briscoe, American biochemist
  • Ben Briscoe, noted Irish politician and son of Robert Briscoe
  • Constance Briscoe, British barrister and author
  • Dezmon Briscoe, American football wide receiver
  • James Briscoe (1923-2014), Football (soccer) manager
  • Jill Briscoe, international speaker, author, magazine head and wife of Stuart Briscoe
  • Lennie Briscoe, a character from the Law & Order television franchise
  • Lottie Briscoe, stage and silent film actress
  • Marlin Briscoe, the first black professional American football starting quarterback, playing for the Denver Broncos in 1968
  • Nicole Briscoe, American sports reporter, former Miss Illinois Teen USA
  • Robert Briscoe (disambiguation), any of several people by that name
  • Ryan Briscoe, Australian race car driver
  • Stuart Briscoe, evangelist, pastor, author and international speaker
  • Ted Briscoe, Australian rugby league footballer
  • Thomas Briscoe, Welsh priest and scholar
  • Tom Briscoe, English rugby league footballer

Usage examples of "briscoe".

Since he passed the exams, Boq was free to plan one last year at Briscoe Hall.

But to British seamen like Captain Ian Briscoe, who spent their early years walking the decks of ships plowing through the damp of the North Sea, this was like old home week.

But the night that all the boys would be out celebrating, the night he could be sure he himself wouldn't be seen from Briscoe Hall: that was tonight, and maybe only tonight.

He was still awake to hear the noisy clatterings, the hushings, the crashings, and the muttered ballatherings, when the drunken boys returned to Briscoe Hall.

The pestering rain took up at the outskirts of Shin, and the august facades of Crage Hall and Briscoe Hall were nearly obliterated with mist by the time they were, at last, home.

He tossed the gun to Briscoe, and the gunman leaped back as if it were red-hot, letting the pistol fall to the floor.

She had called Dr Briscoe to ask if she could give Duddits one of his yellow Valium tablets, but Dr Briscoe was off in Nassau, if you please.

None of the doctors - not Briscoe, not any of them - would admit it, and so the plastic catheter stayed in, but it was over.

Dr Briscoe laughs at me, but I'm always afraid the cold will get down inside .