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The Collaborative International Dictionary

breechclout \breechclout\ n. covering for the loins.

Syn: breechcloth, loincloth, G-string.


n. (context dated English) breechcloth or loincloth


n. a garment that provides covering for the loins [syn: breechcloth, loincloth, G-string]

Usage examples of "breechclout".

Jorian soon stood in his breechclout, which one of the girls began to unfasten.

Crew and passengers became almost indistinguishable, and even Nnanji at times donned a breechclout and ran aloft with the others.

Brota loomed above them all in her wind-rippled crimson, Tomiyano was a silent audience on the fringes in a brown breechclout, and Wallie himself, huge in blue.

Elaborately casual, he rearranged his breechclout and lit his pipe before walking over to an upended barrel of brandy and sticking his head into the broached end.

Other than his cloak, he was covered only by a breechclout, for he liked to travel unencumbered.

He circled around the camp and, cutting a piece from his breechclout, wiped his sword and sheathed it before striding in.

They took off his Irazi cap, unbuttoned his vest and shirt, and untied the draw string of his trousers, lorian soon stood in his breechclout, which one of the girls began to unfasten.

Just as he came up, a couple approached hesitantly, a man in a breechclout under a leather apron, and a woman, much smaller, in a ragged and soiled tunic.

For a moment, the man in the breechclout seemed undecided whether he was more afraid to turn and run than advance.

I be surprised when I regained consciousness to find that I was naked, apart from a breechclout, and that my hands were lashed together with cords and that I was yoked to what remained of my men?

They wore the usual simple gray breechclout of the slave, but they each had an emerald green waistbelt, from which dangled the slim rattan cane.

A slave girl in the drab gray breechclout of all slave menials walked around the corner before us carrying a huge earthenware jar of water.

Now my breechclout concealed the broad belt, and the scabbard flapped against my legs, empty, Galna let me keep those, as he supposed, tawdry souvenirs of my struggle.

Wearing the slave breechclout of grimy gray we would still attract attention by reason of our weapons, so I had elected to retain my scarlet breechclout and scarlet cape, and Gloag had done likewise.

The sight of his tall, rangy form bright with painted patterns where breechclout or medicine blanket did not cover him, the craggy features surmounted by a bonnet of eagle feathers, brought memories of last time to me across the years like a fist.