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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Breechcloth \Breech"cloth`\ (br[=e]ch"kl[o^]th` or br[i^]ch"kl[o^]th`; 115), n. A cloth worn around the breech.


n. An apron-like garment held on by a belt tied around the waist to cover the loins; a loincloth.


n. a garment that provides covering for the loins [syn: breechclout, loincloth, G-string]

Usage examples of "breechcloth".

And bringing a ballcarrier down by dragging at the breechcloth was supposed to be outside the pale, but when it was done and resulted in a man revealed in all his deficiency, great hilarity ensued both in the crowd and among the players.

The Su wore breechcloths of a dark green spotted with various shades of tan and buff and pale gray, and the cloths were voluminous, much more ample than necessary for mere breechcloths.

And Doc saw why the breechcloths were of green color and spotted in that fashion.

They wore breechcloths and their bodies were zebra-striped in black and white, their faces daubed white with huge black smiles painted around their mouths, their hair jutting upward in two long conical horns, each horn surmounted with a brush of what seemed to be corn shucks.

They were naked except the breechcloth and moccasins, and everyone waved aloft a tomahawk as he sang.

A Su could wrap himself in his voluminous breechcloth, sit or lie on the ground, and blend almost indistinguishably with his surroundings.

Loper reached into the leather sack tied to his breechcloth and took out the diamond.

Gritting his broad teeth, he struggled out of his breechcloth, used it to make a tourniquet to stay the worst of the flow.

Hastily, he tore the breechcloth from a Fighter corpse and wrapped it around the arm to stanch the flow of life fluid.

He tied them at the hip under his breechcloth and slipped his feet into comfortable moccasins, that were beaded green and blue along the tops.

She wore the same beaded breechcloth that Teeg wore, her naked torso was smoothly muscled and where she was unscarred, her skin had a dense lustrous polish.

She still wore the loose white shirt, but she was otherwise naked, her breechcloth tossed carelessly aside.

He was wearing some kind of breechcloth made of a coarse white material.

Achilles gathered up his breechcloth, his tunic, his breastplate, his shield, his polished bronze greaves, his sandals, and his spear, wrapped them in a sheet, and, taking up his sword, cut his way through three canvas walls of tent.

She smiled and patted herself on the bare skin between her halter top and breechcloth.