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break away

vb. 1 to leave suddenly 2 to become separated, literally or figuratively

break away
  1. v. break off (a piece from a whole); "Her tooth chipped" [syn: chip, chip off, come off, break off]

  2. move away or escape suddenly; "The horses broke from the stable"; "Three inmates broke jail"; "Nobody can break out--this prison is high security" [syn: break, break out]

  3. interrupt a continued activity; "She had broken with the traditional patterns" [syn: break]

  4. withdraw from an organization or communion; "After the break up of the Soviet Union, many republics broke away" [syn: secede, splinter]

  5. flee; take to one's heels; cut and run; "If you see this man, run!"; "The burglars escaped before the police showed up" [syn: run, scarper, turn tail, lam, run away, hightail it, bunk, head for the hills, take to the woods, escape, fly the coop]

Break Away (The Beach Boys song)

"Break Away" is a song written by Brian and Murry Wilson for American rock band the Beach Boys, released as a single in 1969. Murry was credited as lyricist under the pseudonym "Reggie Dunbar". The single was relatively unsuccessful compared to the group's releases, and charted at #63 in the US Billboard 100 (top 40 in the Cash Box and Record World charts). "Break Away" sold better abroad, reaching #6 on the United Kingdom charts, #10 in Ireland, #17 in the Netherlands, #20 in New Zealand, and #29 in Germany.

It was the last release (aside from the single " Cool, Cool Water") on which Brian was named as producer until " Child of Winter (Christmas Song)" in 1974.

Break Away (Art Garfunkel song)

"Break Away" (also known as "Breakaway") is a song written by Benny Gallagher and Graham Lyle and first recorded by Art Garfunkel for his 1975 album Breakaway. Gallagher and Lyle released their own version on their 1976 album, also titled Breakaway.

"Break Away", with backing vocals by David Crosby and Graham Nash, was the second single release from Garfunkel's album. The song peaked at number thirty-nine on the Billboard Hot 100 and, in February 1976, went to number one on the Easy Listening chart for one week.

On the Canadian Adult Contemporary chart, "Break Away" reached number two. It was blocked from reaching the number-one position by Paul Simon's song, " 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover".

Break Away (Ivy Quainoo song)

"Break Away" is a song originally recorded by German singer Ivy Quainoo for her 2012 album, Ivy. Titled "Breakaway", it was covered by Canadian singer Celine Dion for her English-language studio album, Loved Me Back to Life (2013). "Breakaway" was co-written by Johan Fransson, Tim Larsson, Tobias Lundgren and Audra Mae, and produced by Play Production. The song was released by Dion as a promotional single in the United Kingdom on 5 December 2013 and in France on 22 January 2014.

Break Away (Gail Davies song)

"Break Away" is a song written by Wayland Holyfield and Gary Nicholson. It was originally recorded and released as a single by American country artist Gail Davies.

"Break Away" was recorded at the "Emerald Sound Studio" in June of 1984, which is located in Nashville, Tennessee, United States. Davies recorded her entire sixth studio album (Where Is a Woman to Go) during this session. The session was co-produced by Davies and Leland Sklar. "Break Away" was released as the album's fourth single in August of 1985 via RCA Records. The single peaked at number fifteen on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart. The single was Davies' final major hit on the latter chart.

Break Away (Alternative Break Program)

Break Away is a national nonprofit organization that promotes the development of quality alternative break programs through training, assisting, and connecting campuses and communities. The organization has chapters on about 200 college campuses throughout the United States. Break Away holds training sessions for directors at each chapter school, who then train the student leaders and participants. An alternative break consists of a group of college students who serve a community with a focus on a specific social issue for a specific amount of time, whether it is a weekend or a week. Most trips are weeklong trips, with the majority over college spring breaks. 60% of trips occur over spring breaks and 15% occur over winter breaks. The social issue pertains to the community to which the group goes. Break Away emphasizes service-learning in which group members learn about the community they will be serving and how to avoid voluntourism. Break Away encourages student leaders, with each trip consisting of student leaders, student participants, a partner organization, and most of the time, a learning partner. By emphasizing the Active Citizenship Continuum and the Eight Components of a Quality Alternative Break, Break Away hopes to produce valuable alternative breaks, which will then lead participants to become more aware and active in their community. Break Away has about 200 chapter schools, more than 500 nonprofit partnerships, and thousands of participants and alumni worldwide. Just in 2014, there were a total of 1,551 trips with over 20,000 participants, which equates to over 1 million hours of service. Of the 1,551 trips in 2014, 1,334 were domestic and 251 were international.

Break Away (from That Boy)

"Break Away (from That Boy)" is a song written by Louis "Dean" Mathis and Marcus F. Mathis and performed by The Newbeats. It reached #7 in Australia, #15 in Canada, and #40 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1965. The song was also released in the United Kingdom as a single, but it did not chart. The song was featured on their 1965 album, Big Beat Sounds by The Newbeats.

The song was produced by Wesley Rose. The single's B-side, "Hey-O-Daddy-O", reached #118 on the US Billboard chart.

The song was re-released in 1970 as the B-side to the group's single, "Laura (What's He Got That I Ain't Got)".

Usage examples of "break away".

At the death of Artur Hawkwing, Ishara convinced her husband, one of Hawkwing's foremost generals, to raise the siege of Tar Valon and accompany her to Caemlyn with as many soldiers as he could break away from the army.

And if she got him to break away to rethink, it would use up hours of time .

The current was passing through him more violently now, but he could not break away.

He had a crippled ship that, with what acceleration it could muster, would almost certainly be pulled towards that giant planet without sufficient force by then to break away.

Bits of sod continued to break away from the tiny tract which carried me, but I heeded not their loss.

Besides, in his present position, the manoeuvre had become a very perilous one, for the Victoria threatened to break away before he should be able to get into the car again.

Hornblower was watching carefully lest he should break away and throw himself into the sea.