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The Collaborative International Dictionary

brach \brach\, brache \brache\(br[a^]k or br[a^]ch), n. [OE. brache a kind of scenting hound or setting dog, OF. brache, F. braque, fr. OHG. braccho, G. bracke; related to Sw. brack a dog that hunts by scent; possibly akin to E. fragrant, fr. L. fragrare to smell.] A bitch of the hound kind. See also bratchet.
--Shak. [Also spelled bratch when pronounced (br[a^]ch).]

A sow pig by chance sucked a brach, and when she was grown would miraculously hunt all manner of deer.
--Burton (Anatomy of Melancholy).


The Bratch is an area of Wombourne in South Staffordshire, England, noted for its industrial heritage and more recently as a way station for walkers, riders and cyclists. Formerly, it was a small, separate hamlet, and became fully absorbed into Wombourne only in the 20th century. Population details for the 2011 census can be found under Wombourne.