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The Collaborative International Dictionary

brach \brach\, brache \brache\(br[a^]k or br[a^]ch), n. [OE. brache a kind of scenting hound or setting dog, OF. brache, F. braque, fr. OHG. braccho, G. bracke; related to Sw. brack a dog that hunts by scent; possibly akin to E. fragrant, fr. L. fragrare to smell.] A bitch of the hound kind. See also bratchet.
--Shak. [Also spelled bratch when pronounced (br[a^]ch).]

A sow pig by chance sucked a brach, and when she was grown would miraculously hunt all manner of deer.
--Burton (Anatomy of Melancholy).

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"bitch hound" (archaic), mid-14c., brache, originally "hound that hunts by scent," from Old French braches "hound, hunting dog," brachez, plural of brachet, of West Germanic origin (compare Middle Dutch brache, Old High German braccho "hound, setter"), from PIE *bhrag- "to smell" (cognates: Middle High German bræhen "to smell," Latin fragrare "to smell sweetly"). Italian bracco is a Germanic loan word.


n. (context archaic English) A hound, especially a female hound used for hunting.


Brach is a commune in the Gironde department in Aquitaine in southwestern France.

Usage examples of "brach".

Now, was it not the depth of absurdity - of genuine idiotcy, for that pitiful, slavish, mean-minded brach to dream that I could love her?

Als man dies verneinte und ihm mittheilte, er sei verreist, brach der Kleine in Weinen aus.

Behind, in a row, stood their mounts: four glistening Spiders, brachs folded, legs splayed at exactly identical angles.

In Augen ist ihr ganzer Geist: So standen wir betaeubt und angeheftet, Und sannen dir mit starren Sinnen nach, Bis sich der Schmerz durch Schmerz entkraeftet, Und stroemend durch die Augen brach.

High above the equator of Mars, as Carter Jahns and Philippe Brach departed the New Stonehenge, Annie Pohaku sat under the glass-roofed promenade of Phobos University.

Carter Jahns and Philippe Brach were happy to sit under an arching giant fern in the Nix Olympica Bar and recycle their old arguments.

Philippe Brach leaned back as well, hands behind his head, ruffling his sandy brown hair and giving more prominence to his large ears.

More background: Jahns is being assisted by Philippe Brach, the well-known artist-in-residence on Mars, who used his graphic skills to aid in the image analysis necessary to conduct the search.

He spent long evenings with Alwyn Stafford and with Philippe Brach talking about the latest news, and evenings alone thinking about Annie.

Now, was it not the depth of absurdity - of genuine idiotcy, for that pitiful, slavish, mean-minded brach to dream that I could love her?

Their brachs were strong and well developed: they used lance, cutlass or mace with equal skill.

Trooper, gripping the dragon with massive arms, tearing away its brachs, breaking back its neck, won more often than the Termagant.

Er blickte für ein paar Sekunden auf das Papier, blickte dann zum Verkehrspolizisten, blickte schließlich auf die mittlerweile hundertköpfige Menge, die dieses Schauspiel mitverfolgte, und brach in ein noch gewaltigeres Lachen aus.

As Dane and Jellico pushed forward, they had a glimpse of the brach leaning over the nest box.

The medic squeezed the second portion out on a rock, from which the brach, shooting out a long, pale tongue, licked it in two passes.