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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
sports bra
undo your jacket/shirt/bra etc
strapless dress/gown/bra
▪ She wore a dark green strapless dress with an enormous skirt.
▪ Susanna wore a black silk strapless dress.
▪ Another witness reported that some women took off their blouses and filled them with money, walking off in their bras.
▪ Because it was easier than a bra and panties she had donned an ivory, gossamer-light teddy.
▪ No, her bra and pants were still wet.
▪ Underneath her Michael Jackson T-shirt she was wearing a bra.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

bra \bra\ n. same as brassiere.

Syn: brassiere, bandeau.


Brassiere \Bras`siere"\ Brassiere \Bras`si[`e]re"\(br[.a]*z[=e]r"), n. [F.] A form of woman's undergarment, often stiffened with wire or whalebones, or the like, and worn to cover and support the breasts; -- also called bra. It usually has straps which support it from the shoulders, but strapless variants are also made.

Syn: bra, bandeau.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

by 1923, shortening of brassiere.


Etymology 1 n. a brassiere Etymology 2

n. (context physics English) One of the two vectors in the standard notation for describing quantum states in quantum mechanics, the other being the '''ket'''. Etymology 3

n. (context slang English) friend


n. an undergarment worn by women to support their breasts [syn: brassiere, bandeau]

Bra (disambiguation)

A bra (common form of brassiere) is a woman's undergarment designed to support the breasts.

Bra may also refer to:

  • Bra cheese, a style of cheese from the Italian commune
  • Bra–ket notation, a standard notation for describing quantum states, composed of angle brackets and vertical bars
  • Front-end bra, a cover over the front part of a vehicle
  • Male bra or compression bra, a brassiere for men
BRA (airline)

BRA, legally Braathens Regional Airways AB (previously Golden Air and Braathens Regional), is a Swedish airline with its head office in Trollhättan. It operates scheduled services between several domestic destinations within Sweden, as well as Helsinki in Finland and ad hoc charter services. Its main headquarter is Malmö,Sweden with hubs at Stockholm-Bromma Airport and Ängelholm-Helsingborg Airport. BRA is the successor of the Sverigeflyg brand.


A bra or brassiere is a form-fitting undergarment designed to support a woman's breasts. Swimsuits, camisoles and backless dresses may be made with built-in support.

Bras are complex garments made of many parts. Most come in 36 sizes; standards and methods of measurement vary widely and up to 85 percent of women may be wearing the wrong size. The world's best-selling bra, as of 2005, was said to be the full-cup "Doreen" by Triumph International in size 36D.

Usage examples of "bra".

I tucked myself back into my bra and, still clutching the aquamanile, buttoned up my tunic.

He rid her of her suit jacket and skirt, then bent and tongued the nipples and areolas left bare by the cutouts of her bra.

A lacy bra hugged her taut breasts and glowed a brilliant white against her tawny skin, outlining dark brown nipples and areolas beneath the flimsy material.

For a minute, as bra Bem stood stolidly in the middle of the cage, the captain was afraid the Pandronian was actually going to resist the rescue.

She was neatly and modestly dressed in a sports bikini of the latest style, her translucent bra extended in twin peaks by finger-long cones of pinkish nipple-colored plastic.

She pulled a pair of crotchless panties onto the mannequin and then added a cupless bra.

Some talented artist had painted fishnet stockings, a frilly white garter belt, a lacy white cupless bra and tiny white crotchless panties on her tanned skin.

Parris stripped off her jeans and stood 73 Rita Clay Estrada in her French-cut panties and lacy white bra.

My first very own patient was a LOL in NAD in need of a checkup and a prescription for a new artificial breast and padded bra with fillable pockets.

Leurs jambes et leurs bras nus formaient autour de leur pere colossal un emmelement de chairs fraiches, et leurs yeux farouches me regardaient tous a la fois.

A minimalist boutique, a conference with another charmed clerk, the production of six Gitano bras, white, six pairs of Gitano underpants, white, six pairs of Gitano pantyhose.

Derriere le cercueil, au poele blanc dont les cordons etaient tenus par quatre petits garcons, raidement habilles de gros drap noir, le pere et la mere se tenaient par le bras.

She took off her uniform and then made that wonderful motion of hyperextending the elbows around her back to undo her bra.

One Sunday he rubbed shoulders with slim-hipped gay-pride prancers, the next weekend he got jiggy beside a big-assed Puerto Rican girl wearing her national flag as a bra.

Naples soixante mille lazzaroni, bien portants, solides, ayant de bons bras, de bonnes jambes et de bons yeux.