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Bouguer (lunar crater)

Bouguer is a lunar impact crater that lies along the southern edge of the Mare Frigoris, to the north of the crater Bianchini. To the west-southwest of Bouguer, along the same shore of the mare, is the crater Foucault. Nearly due west is the more prominent Harpalus, and to the west is La Condamine.

This is a relatively young crater with well-defined edge. The formation is relatively circular, but there are slight outward bulges to the east, north-northwest, and southwest. There is some evidence of slumping in the eastern bulge. The interior floor occupies about half the crater diameter, and is relatively level and featureless.


Bouguer may refer to:

  • Jean Bouguer (d. 1714), French hydrographer and mathematician
  • Pierre Bouguer (1698-1758), French mathematician, geophysicist, geodesist, and astronomer; son of Jean Bouguer
  • Bouguer (lunar crater), impact crater named after Pierre Bouguer
  • Bouguer (Martian crater), another impact crater named after Pierre Bouguer
  • 8190 Bouguer, main-belt asteroid named after Pierre Bouguer
Bouguer (Martian crater)

Bouguer Crater is an impact crater in the Sinus Sabaeus quadrangle of Mars, located at 18.7° S and 332.8° W It is 107 km in diameter and was named after Pierre Bouguer, French physicist-hydrographer (1698-1758). When a comet or asteroid collides at a high rate of speed interplanetary with the surface of Mars it creates an impact crater. Layers are visible in the crater with HiRISE; these can be seen in the HiRISE image below. Layers may be formed by a number of processes. On Earth rock layers are often formed under a lake or other body of water. However, on Mars many layers may be formed by the action of groundwater.