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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Bots \Bots\, n. pl. [Cf. Gael. botus belly worm, boiteag maggot.] (Zo["o]l.) The larv[ae] of several species of botfly, especially those larv[ae] which infest the stomach, throat, or intestines of the horse, and are supposed to be the cause of various ailments. [Written also botts.]

Note: See Illust. of Botfly.


n. 1 The disease caused by the maggots of the horse bot fly when they infect the stomach of a horse. 2 (context by extension English) Infection by gadfly maggots under the skin of cows, or by sheep maggots in the frontal sinus of sheep.


Botts is a surname of European origin. The name refers to:

  • Baker Botts International law firm named for James Addison Baker and Confederate Colonel Walter Browne Botts
  • Chantal Botts (b. 1976), South African Olympic badminton player
  • Elbert Dysart Botts (1893–1962), American highway engineer
  • Jason Botts (b. 1980), American professional baseball player
  • John Botts (1802–1869), American politician from Virginia; U.S. representative 1839–49
  • Lee Botts (b. 1928), American environmentalist and conservationist
  • Mike Botts (1944–2005), American rock drummer
  • Timothy Botts (contemporary), American calligrapher and illustrator

Usage examples of "botts".

We've got used to the world being full of anti-Christs doing the devil's work and trying to smear the Truth with mud—but you, Wendell Botts, you know better!

With us tonight is Wendell Botts, local construction worker, sometime religious nut, who's here to talk about—are you ready for this one?

Recently a disgruntled ex-Soldier, one Wendell Botts, had been accusing the religious compound of something or other, mostly on talk shows.

Under his ski mask, the man driving the car had to be Wendell Botts, who had so desperately wanted his wife and kids back.

But she was cuffed, Botts had a gun, and the car didn't slow much even for turns.

Judy caught a glimpse of a small rough cabin under concealing trees before Botts cut the headlights.

It might be Wendell Botts, taking a hostage along with his wife and kids, to use as a bargaining chip if he got caught.

Cavanaugh had already explained that the FBI had reason to think the abduction of Saralinda Botts and her children crossed state lines.

But the newspaper check turned up allegations by Botts that the local medical examiner, Dr.

Irrationally, it bothered her not to know whether it had stopped at 11:48 yesterday night, when Wendell Botts had been driving them through the mountains, or at 11:48 this morning, when she had lain sleeping for a few exhausted hours on a rug in the cabin.

But if Botts did start firing, he would start exhausting his ammunition, as well as supplying the Hostage Team with some information on what he had.

And whoever was supposed to pick up Botts and his hostages from this cabin where he couldn't have planned to stay very long without a car.

Maybe Botts had planned to just hole up here with his wife and kids until spring, not expecting too hard a search by cops who didn't really care who joined or left a religious camp.

This was frustration fire, and it would stop very soon, because Botts wouldn't waste too much ammunition on it.

Talking about either of them just made Botts angrier, which meant Cavanaugh needed to switch to the kids.