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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Boots \Boots\, n. A servant at a hotel or elsewhere, who cleans and blacks the boots and shoes.


n. 1 (plural of boot English) 2 (context sports English) The sports shoes worn by players of certain games such as cricket and football. 3 (context dated English) A servant at a hotel etc. who cleans and blacks the boots and shoes. (qualifier: takes a singular verb) 4 (context Jamaica slang plurale tantum English) A condom.Ras Dennis Jabari Reynolds, ''Jabari: Authentic Jamaican Dictionary of the Jamic Language'', Around the Way Books (2006), ISBN 0975534254, [ page 17] vb. (en-third-person singular of: boot)

Boots (EP)

Boots is an EP by KMFDM, featuring a cover of the Nancy Sinatra song " These Boots Are Made for Walkin'". It was the first release by the band after their three-year hiatus.

Boots (album)

Boots is a 1966 debut studio album by Nancy Sinatra. The album was produced by Lee Hazlewood and was her first album release. Billy Strange was the arranger and conductor. The hit song from the record " These Boots Are Made for Walkin'" was made with the help of Los Angeles session musicians known as the Wrecking Crew. This session included Hal Blaine on drums, Al Casey, Tommy Tedesco, and Billy Strange on guitars, Ollie Mitchell, Roy Caton and Lew McCreary on horns, Carol Kaye on electric bass, and Chuck Berghofer on double bass, providing the notable bass line.

Boots (The Killers song)

"Boots" is a Christmas song by Las Vegas rock band The Killers, which was released as a digital download on November 30, 2010, despite the band being on hiatus. All proceeds from the song go to AIDS charities as part of the (PRODUCT) campaign, headed by Bono and Bobby Shriver.

The song continues The Killers' tradition of releasing a Christmas song every year, and is the fifth consecutive annual Christmas song since 2006, the others being " A Great Big Sled", " Don't Shoot Me Santa", " Joseph, Better You Than Me" and " ¡Happy Birthday Guadalupe!". Lead singer Brandon Flowers is quoted as saying, "Our Christmas single with (RED) is one of our traditions as a band. We didn't want to let it fall by the wayside just because we're on hiatus; this cause is too important".

All proceeds from the Christmas singles benefit the Product Red campaign.

This is the first Killers release to not feature their trademark neon light styled logo on the cover. Instead, the cover seems to be drawing inspiration from the DVD releases covers of the 1941 film Citizen Kane and other 1940s-era black-and-white film title card logos.

The snowglobe with boots in it is also a reference to Citizen Kane, as the opening scene shows the main character, Charles Foster Kane, dying while looking into a snowglobe.

The song features dialogue from the Christmas movie It's a Wonderful Life.

Boots (musician)

Jordan Asher, better known as Boots (stylized as BOOTS), is an American record producer, singer, rapper, songwriter and musician. He first gained recognition in 2013 for his significant contributions to American singer-songwriter Beyoncé's critically acclaimed self-titled fifth studio album.

Boots (nickname)

Boots, as a nickname, may refer to:

  • Boots Adams (1899–1975), American business executive
  • Boots Anson-Roa (born 1945), Filipino actress, columnist, editor, and lecturer
  • Gypsy Boots (1914-2004), also known as Boots Bootzin, American fitness pioneer, actor and writer born Robert Bootzin
  • Boots Day (born 1947), retired Major League Baseball player
  • James F. Donnelly (born 1942), American former college football coach
  • Asger "Boots" Hansen, co-founder of Boots & Coots, a well control company
  • Boots Mallory (1913-1958), American actress, dancer and model
  • Boots Mussulli (1915-1967), Italian-American jazz saxophonist
  • Boots Poffenberger (1915-1999), Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Boots Randolph (1927-2007), American saxophonist
  • Boots Riley (born 1971), American vocalist
  • Ernest Ivy Thomas, Jr. (1924-1945), US Marine Corps sergeant
Boots (film)

Boots is a lost 1919 American silent comedy film directed by Elmer Clifton and starring Dorothy Gish. It was produced by D. W. Griffith, his New Art Film Co., and distributed through Famous Players-Lasky and Paramount Pictures.

Usage examples of "boots".

Bruno slammed into Edward from behind, and Boots nearly tripped over the two of them.

In his misery, Boots caught sight of Cathy and Diane crouched on the top step.

Sturgeon leaned across his desk and fixed Bruno and Boots with his best fishy stare.

Larry told Bruno and Boots as he handed over photocopies of his sketch of the crest.

Like lightning, Boots whirled his brother around and clamped him tightly in a hammerlock.

They had been to visit Bruno and Boots countless times over the years.

Bruno, Boots, Larry, Wilbur, Pete, Sidney, and Elmer were stealing across the Macdonald Hall campus.

His face in the mud, his struggles useless, Boots wondered if he had been jumped by the Phantom himself.

When Bruno caught up with him a few seconds later, Boots was doubled over, gasping.

The entire first page of this special edition was taken up with the photograph of Bruno and Boots at the cannon, looking startled and guilty.

Bruno and Boots got to their feet, faced their visitor, and saluted in return.

Headmaster of Macdonald Hall maintained his stern expression as Bruno and Boots left the office.

Plus he was rightthere on the scene when Bruno and Boots got caught at the cannon.

Faculty Building, Wilbur and Boots held the top of the giant art board and Chris Talbot unrolled his poster.

Bruno and Boots dashed across the campus to the deserted Faculty Building.