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The Collaborative International Dictionary
bony fish

menhaden \men*ha"den\, n. (Zo["o]l.) An American marine fish ( Brevoortia tyrannus) of the Herring family ( Clupeidae), chiefly valuable for its oil and as a component of fertilizers; -- called also mossbunker, bony fish, chebog, pogy, hardhead, whitefish, etc.

bony fish

n. A fish of the taxonomic group Osteichthyes.

bony fish

n. any fish of the class Osteichthyes

Usage examples of "bony fish".

Primitive bony fish broke the surface and gulped at the aerial fodder, as did a twisting eel.

Sharks in general aren't flattened from side to side as free-swimming bony fish like herrings are.

He took his knife and worried slivers of flesh from the bony fish, eating them raw, and thankful that once again he had been saved from committing a sin.

There are seven families of fish (some in the bony fish group, some among the sharks) that have specialized in this fashion.

She'd rather have Sorgrad as her co-commander on this raid but better a bony fish than an empty dish.

Sturgeon was a large bony fish with five rows of bony plates down its back.

Craans, the long-necked marsh birds skimmed the water, plucking with their long beaks bony fish with flashing, oblate eyes.

Even the bad ones, the ones with bony fish and rubber batter, had queues.

Among the bony fish I noticed some gray gobies, peculiar to these waters.

I also noticed some cheilines about nine inches long, a bony fish with transparent shell, whose livid color is mixed with red spots.

Darcy watched the crash footage, eyes wide, like a fish being hauled into a boat--a bony fish with bifocals and bad hair.