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Bombo (video game)

Bombo is a British computer game published by Rino for the Commodore 64, released in 1986. It is a clone of the arcarde game Mighty Bomb Jack, the official C64 port of which was released earlier the same year.

The music was made by Ben Daglish. One of the songs is based on The Hootchy Kootchy Dance.


Bombo may refer to:

Bombo (musical)

Bombo is a Broadway musical with a book and lyrics by Harold R. Atteridge and music by Sigmund Romberg.

Produced by Lee Shubert and J. J. Shubert, the Broadway production, staged by J. C. Huffman, opened on October 6, 1921 at the Jolson Theatre, where it ran for 219 performances. The cast included Al Jolson and Janet Adair.

The musical has a thin story designed to showcase Al Jolson, who was at the height of his popularity. Songs were added by several composers during the run of the show so that, by the end of the run, there were more songs by composers other than Romberg than by him. The success of the musical on Broadway led to a national tour.

Bombo (song)

Bombo is a 2013 song performed by Norwegian singer Adelén. It was one of the finalists of Melodi Grand Prix 2013 in a bid to represent Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 in Malmö, Sweden.

The song was qualified to the Top 10 finals and was chosen as one of four songs for the Gold Final. It eventually finished runner-up, the winner being Margaret Berger and her song " I Feed You My Love"

Despite "Bombo" not winning the final nomination, it proved very popular with the Norwegian public going straight to number 2 on the Norwegian iTunes chart after her performance and topping the charts the week after. The song participated in the 2013 OGAE Second Chance Contest and won the competition with 151 points, 29 points over the runner-up, "E se poi" by Malika Ayane.

"Bombo" was certified Gold in Sweden.

Usage examples of "bombo".

They gingerly eased themselves out of the circle through the gap left by Bombo's broken bottle.

They were both members of Fidel Perugachi's band, the bass player and the bombo player to be exact.

Another two steps took me to the bombo player, who I promptly whanged behind the ear.

No doubt she would have laughed in his face to hear him say so (she was probably a goth or a grrrl or a bombo: I haven't yet read the Saturday newspapers, he thought, with a self-fortifying swallow, but Belladonna was a punk.