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The Collaborative International Dictionary

baloney \ba*lo"ney\, n.

  1. [Believed to be derived form balogna, but perhaps also influenced by blarney.] nonsense; foolishness; bunk; -- also used as an interjection. [Also spelled boloney.]

    No matter how thin you slice it, it's still baloney!
    --Al Smith.

  2. informal variant of bologna[2], for bologna sausage.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

see baloney.


n. 1 (alternative form of bologna English) 2 (alternative form of baloney English)


n. pretentious or silly talk or writing [syn: baloney, bilgewater, bosh, drool, humbug, taradiddle, tarradiddle, tommyrot, tosh, twaddle]

Usage examples of "boloney".

Under his father's tutelage he had acquired a strong objection to what in those days it was fashionable to call "boloney," and which was to be discerned everywhere "That's boloney," he would comment several times a day, and usually with good reason.

And he did it by sifting the boloney out of much of his realm of scholarship, which is rare.

Either side of the border, either way you slice the boloney, a homeless man was in hot water.

You've got something on Randolph March, and I don't mean that boloney about him making shine.

Meanwhile, I shouldn't like you to think I was getting any gray hairs over Marius's slab of ripe boloney about Miss Delmar.