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n. a style of Central Amazonian folk music


Boí is a village in the province of Lleida, in Catalonia, Spain. It lies at the centre of the valley and municipality of Vall de Boí in the comarca of Alta Ribagorça.

The village lies just to the south of the Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici National Park, and there is a park information office in the village.

Boi (music)

Boi is a style of Central Amazonian folk music now moving into the mainstream in Brazil. It is a combination of traditional Amazonian rhythms with African and European influence. The genre was made known throughout Brazil after Amazonian group Carrapicho's hit Tic Tic Tac.

Boi (slang)

Boi ( plural: bois) is a term used within LGBT and butch and femme communities to refer to a person's sexual and/or gender identities. In lesbian communities, there is an increasing acceptance of variant gender expression, as well as allowing people to identify as a boi. The term may denote a number of possibilities that are not mutually exclusive:

  • A "boi" is (generally) the younger person who prefers older partners, and is the "boi" in a " daddy and boi" dating, relationship, or sexual situation, where "boy" and "boi", respectively, are used to differentiate between someone who is underage, and someone who just identifies as the younger who wants or needs someone older. In this context, "boi" can be masculine or effeminate, or anywhere along that spectrum, and some males identify as a "boi" well beyond their 20s, and especially so long as they are involved with older men. Often, though not always, a "boi" prefers the submissive role.
  • A younger person, possibly embodying stereotyped attributes towards casual sex and commitment in relationships, in contrast with the stereotype of the U-Haul lesbian. Bois may not identify as butch, regarding butches as playing a more powerful or responsible role – the "man of the house" – while a boi is still in a freer, younger phase.
  • A submissive butch in the BDSM community, or a younger butch in the butch-femme community.
  • A young trans man, or a trans man who is in the earlier stages of transitioning.
  • A term of endearment for butches by femmes. It may also be used in the gay community to refer to a younger person – bisexual or gay – who may have effeminate characteristics. The term can also be used by anyone who wishes to distinguish from heterosexual or heteronormative identities.

Boi may also refer to someone assigned female at birth, who generally does not identify as, or only partially identifies as feminine, female, a girl, or a woman. Some bois are trans and/or intersex people. Some "bois" identify as one or more of these, but they almost always identify as lesbians, dykes, or queer. Many trans bois are also genderqueer/nonbinary (in itself a trans/transgender group), or might identify as cis persons or trans men, and yet practice genderfuck in which they do not fit in either masculine or feminine binary gender presentation. Bois may prefer a range of pronouns, including "he", "she", or non-binary and gender-neutral pronouns such as "they", "co", "hir", "sie", "zie", "xe", and "ey". The term has found increasing usage in the larger LGBT culture.

The term was coined to refer to black LGBTQ people, especially black gay individuals, later being used to describe gender. "Boi" has found popularity in the Latino and Asian communities as well.

The term was also used as a variant of the spelling of boy when one could not register a username (particularly on AOL in the 1990s when so many names were already registered) with the normal spelling boy as a part of the name. It was generally picked by younger gay males (commonly called twinks today).

BOI (disambiguation)

BOI is the commonly used acronym for Bureau of Investigation, used by numerous government agencies, presently and previously.

BOI may also refer to:

  • The Bureau of Investigation, precursor to the Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • The historical national investigative agency of Taiwan, the Bureau of Investigation
  • The Alaskan Bureau of Investigation (ABI), a division of the Alaskan State Troopers
  • Or any other state bureau of investigation

Usage examples of "boi".

The cleaners know what I like --Stouffer's frozen dinners, especially that boil-in-the-bag stuff they call creamed chipped beef and Ma always called shit on a shingle, frozen strawberries, whole milk, preformed hamburger patties that you just have to slap in a hot frying pan (I hate playing with raw meat), Dole puddings, the ones that come in plastic cups (bad for my complexion but I love em), ordinary food like that.

Sometimes it hit the end of the rope so hard it'd go right off its feet, boi-yoi-yoinng, which might have looked funny to some people but never looked funny to me.

It hit the end of the rope, boi-yoi-yoinng, and went right over backward.

So I got up, went on home, boiled up a bag of that shit on a shingle stuff, and turned on my TV.