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Bohutice is a village and municipality ( obec) in Znojmo District in the South Moravian Region of the Czech Republic.

The municipality covers an area of , and has a population of 615 (as at 3 July 2006).

Bohutice lies approximately north-east of Znojmo, south-west of Brno, and south-east of Prague.

Little village Bohutice or Bochtitz is first mentioned in old chronicle from Znojmo from year 1253. There is a little article about church in Bohutice today known as the Assumption of Saint Mary Church and its pastor Konrad from Bohutice.

In the village there are a few interesting sightseeing places from which the most interesting one is little castle and scultupres that form the Stations of the Cross connected to last Jesus Christ's way to the Golgota hill.

Instead of the castle there was a little stronghold at the beginning (so in the 12th century) and into today's design it was transformed in the late 16th century. The owners of the castle changed through the history and thee last bloodline to which the castle belonged were called the Seydl's. It was taken from them when the communist era came. Right now the building suits as an administration point for all village, kindergarten and in the top floor there is the exposition of the Stations of the Cross.

Station of the Cross were made according to wish of Bohutice's pastor Antonín Prášek who were in charge in the first half of the 20'th century. Firstly tha Lurd's Grotto was built and then there was supposed to be a park called St. Wenceslaw's Park that was supposed to be made by the 48 sculptures of the Stations of the Cross that were supposed to start at the church and end at the Lurd's Grotto. But this never became reality because at the time the sculptures were finished and finally came do Bhutice the World War II came and later the communist's era so the statues were carried off so they would not be destroyed.

Right next to the castle there are four castle cellars called after four saints whose statues are around the village: St. John, St. Michael, St. Florian and St. Wenceslaw. On the castle's courtyard there is a beautiful fountain where a statue of St. Florian is placed on. Right next to the courtyard there is a pretty pond where people can meet and enjoy nice atmosphere.