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BMU may refer to:

  • BMU, the ISO-3166 code for Bermuda
  • BMU, acronym for Bundesministerium für Umwelt, Naturschutz und Reaktorsicherheit, a ministry of the Federal Republic of Germany
  • BMU, acronym for Business and Management University, today BMU Lebanese French University
  • BMU, acronym for a Building maintenance unit, a device used to assist in the maintenance of large structures (skyscrapers, stadiums, etc.)
  • BMU 91.6 FM, an underground radio station based in Stockholm, Sweden
  • BMU-1, acronym for Beachmaster Unit One, an amphibious unit of the United States Navy
  • BMU-2, acronym for Beachmaster Unit Two, an amphibious unit of the United States Navy
  • Basic multicellular unit, temporary structure for bone remodeling, containing osteoclast and -blast activity.
  • Bmu