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Blumea (journal)

Blumea - Journal of Plant Taxonomy and Plant Geography is a peer-reviewed journal of botany published by the National Herbarium of the Netherlands.

Except for a short period during World War II, Blumea has been published continuously since 1934. It deals with the taxonomy, morphology, anatomy, biogeography, and ecology of spermatophytes and cryptogams native to Southeast Asia, sub-Saharan Africa (excluding South Africa), and South America. Blumea is published three times a year, with each issue numbering around 600 pages.


Blumea is a genus of flowering plants belonging to the Asteraceae family.

Usage examples of "blumea".

Another Camphor called N'gai, obtained from the Blumea Balcamferi (Compositae), differs chemically from the Borneo species, being levogyrate, and is converted by boiling nitric acid, to a substance considered identical with stearoptene of Chrysanthemum parthenium.