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The Army Comrades Association (ACA), later the National Guard, then Young Ireland and finally League of Youth, but better known by the nickname The Blueshirts , was a far-right organisation in the Irish Free State in the early 1930s. The organisation provided physical protection for political groups such as Cumann na nGaedheal from intimidation and attack by the anti-Treaty IRA. Some of its members went on to fight for the Fascists in the Spanish Civil War.

Most of the political parties whose meetings the Blueshirts protected would merge to become Fine Gael, and members of that party are still sometimes nicknamed "Blueshirts".

Blueshirts (Falange)

The Blueshirts ( Spanish: Camisas Azules) is the name of the paramilitary militia of the Falange political party in Spain. The name refers to the blue uniform worn by members of the militia. The colour blue was chosen for the uniforms because it is the same colour as that of workers' overalls, as the Falange sought to gain support among the Spanish working class. During the Franco regime the Blueshirts were officially reorganized and officially renamed the Falange Militia in 1940.

Blueshirts (Italian Nationalist Association)

The Blueshirts (Camicie Azzurre) was the paramilitary wing of the Italian Nationalist Association.