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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ A flame roared under a black bucket, clean blue like a blowtorch clinging to one side.
▪ A spark occurred and the inside of the capsule turned into a blowtorch.
▪ An alternative is a blowtorch connected by a hose to a cylinder of gas.
▪ But that lone bad habit burns through your writing like a blowtorch, outshining all the others.
▪ Enter the local media; exit the welder with the blowtorch.
▪ If he wanted her back, Antheil would offer to preserve her from the blowtorch.
▪ Oh this town, with its harbor glinting like a blowtorch at the end of every alley...
▪ The pyre was ablaze, ignited by a giant gas-fuelled blowtorch.

alt. A tool which projects a controlled stream of a highly flammable gas over a spark in order to produce a controlled flame. n. A tool which projects a controlled stream of a highly flammable gas over a spark in order to produce a controlled flame. vb. To apply a blowtorch to something.


n. a burner that mixes air and gas to produce a very hot flame [syn: torch, blowlamp]

Blowtorch (disambiguation)

The word blowtorch can mean:

Blowtorch (G.I. Joe)

Blowtorch is a fictional character from the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero toyline, comic books and cartoon series. He is the G.I. Joe Team's original Flamethrower and debuted in 1984.

Usage examples of "blowtorch".

The ceiling was festooned with chamber pots, lavatory seats, Victorian enema pumps, soil-glaze drainpipes, grease traps, earthenware urinals, calking tools, spanners, closet hoppers, faucets, tack moulds, basin wrenches, yarning chisels, a very old thawing steamer, bibcocks, a jerking shank and numerous blowtorches with assorted ends.

Two blowtorches had arrived in the last twenty-four hours, and another was on the way.

Hamid-Jones remembered that he had been born under Mars gravity and that despite the toughening stay at Alpha Centauri and the weeks aboard high-G blowtorches, he was laboring under a weight that was almost three times what was normal for him.

They have shotguns, they have handguns, they have knives, they have blowtorches, they have army explosives, they have deer rifles.

A mile behind them, the hopper leapt into the sky on a sudden plume of blue flame, heading for the orbiting blowtorch to take on another load of passengers.

Hamid-Jones could see the blowtorch in his imagination, thougha long titanium tube bearing the shielded disk of the passenger quarters before it.

It could only be an illegal blowtorch, docked on an inhabited world by people who thumbed their noses at Solar authority.

The blowtorch, its awful motors off, drifted in toward the comet on puffs of hydrogen steam.

It had the typical candlestick configuration of a blowtorch, but with extra bulges round the shaft and forward disk.

The mess attendant, a fresh-faced kid who could not have been long in the Imperial Navy, was overwhelmed at the responsibility of serving two men who had been important enough to warrant the sending of a blowtorch to rescue them.

The smoker shrugged, ignited the blowtorch and tilted his head to light up from it.

He was shocked at the pain, the terrible burning, a blowtorch assaulting her insides.

It was Skeleton Ridpath's face, and no other: Skeleton blowtorched down to painful essence, skinned of whatever was human and pitying in him.

He was also inexplicably hungry, and his throat felt as though it had been blowtorched.

It would be just as hot and sticky, but at least this rabiblanco wouldn’t be getting blowtorched.