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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Always have a fire extinguisher handy when working with a blowlamp.
▪ Bending machine Blowlamp For soldered capillary fittings, a blowlamp is necessary.
▪ If you accidentally caused a fire with your blowlamp, you would be covered by the fire section.
▪ With capillary fittings, you can use a blowlamp to melt the solder.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

blowlamp \blow"lamp\ n. A burner that produces a hot flame.

Syn: blowtorch, torch.


n. A burner that burns a fuel in air to produce a hot flame; a blowtorch


n. a burner that mixes air and gas to produce a very hot flame [syn: blowtorch, torch]

Usage examples of "blowlamp".

And bring three of our friends, who are to carry with them those unbeautiful crowbars and blowlamps used by burglars.

Then he started his patient journey back to where Gala was sitting at the corner of the desk on which Krebs had left the blowlamp.

Chapter Ten Master Stroke The heat struck like a blowlamp, so sharp and sudden that she gasped.

Prepare the blowlamp and the electrical machine for further examination in case it should be necessary.

He crept towards Hogg, his eyes blowlamping in shame and anger, holding the skull in both hands like a pudding.