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n. (plural of blowdown English)

Usage examples of "blowdowns".

The blowdowns were old enough that decay had weakened the branches, allowing many of the trunks to settle to the ground or onto other fallen trees.

He picked his way around and over blowdowns in the direction the voice had called from, not trying to keep a low target.

Except for the drifts of leaves and the blowdowns of three winters, the place hadn't changed a bit.

Two cords wouldn't take them through the winter, but by the time he finished carving up the blowdowns around the camp and the birch back on the road, they would be well set.

Down the game trail they went, through a maze of boulders fallen from a shattered cliff, around a bulging rock, and into a scattering of trees with many blowdowns.

The view down the mountain was good, but up the mountain it was masked by close-growing trees, blowdowns, and rocks.

He came to a tangle of old blowdowns, mostly broken instead of uprooted, as if a whirlwind had touched down there.