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n. 1 (context chemical engineering English) The removal of liquid and solid hydrocarbons from a refinery vessel by the use of pressure 2 (context industrial engineering English) Cooling fluid discharged from a plant at the end of its cycle.


Blowdown may refer to:

  • Windthrow or forest blowdown, a felling of trees by windstorm
  • Blowdown stack, a vertical containment structure at a refinery or chemical plant
  • Boiler blowdown, a steam-boiler process to remove impurities
  • Blowdown, a television series focusing on explosive demolition
  • accidental pressure loss in a nuclear reactor pressure vessel
Blowdown (TV series)

Blowdown is an internationally broadcast documentary television series that follows a team of explosive demolition experts as they prepare and implode iconic, complex and challenging structures around the world.

The series airs on National Geographic Channel International, History Television in Canada, DMAX in Germany and Five in the United Kingdom, and is produced by Parallax Film Productions Inc..

The hour-long shows focus on the dangers, challenges, and inside strategies of this high-risk type of demolition by documenting the work of a specialized explosives team: Controlled Demolition Incorporated of Phoenix, Maryland, USA.

Using a combination of exclusive footage, high-concept visual effects and process-driven computer models, Blowdown explains the complex science behind CDI’s mission.

The series highlights obstacles the team encounters as they rely on experience and intuition to reverse engineer structures designed to be indestructible.

Usage examples of "blowdown".

At the stand in Yolus, a blowdown that came up in a flash, and left just as suddenly, left the main top canvas in tatters and splintered two of the three center poles.

The reason we were shorthanded was a blowdown that splintered two of the center poles on the main top and busted up a few of the sports on the guying out gang.

Salvage loggers had cleared what they could from almost two thousand acres of the rugged terrain starting in the fall of 1998, but the majority of the blowdown was too dangerous and too remote to permit even salvage logging.

Phil Barrett was distracted, dividing his attention between his prisoners and the entrance to the two trails that led through the blowdown and intersected in the clearing.

I never thought I would voluntarily enter the perimeter of the blowdown again.

The relief I felt at finally clearing the perimeter of the blowdown was enormous.

Kimber and I descended from the edge of the blowdown and reached the town of Clark I figured that his panic attack had exceeded an hour in duration.

Their demeanor convinced me that I might still be in some legal jeopardy for defending myself against Phil Barrett up in the blowdown, so I asked to be allowed to make a phone call.

Everyone but Sam was done eating before it was my turn to describe how Kimber and I had been lured to the blowdown and what had happened afterward in the Routt Divide with Phil Barrett and with Dell and Cathy Franklin.

I found Steamboat Springs on my own, Lester Wall pointed me toward the splendors of the Elk River Valley and Larry and Marilyn Shames planted the seeds that led me from there to the blowdown in the Mount Zirkel Wilderness.

Such items include steam generator blowdown, shooting trash from the TDU, and blowing sanitary.

They passed by the next dense cover, but at the one after that, Bin led him running through it downslope, and through a tangle of blowdown in the bottom, then a little way up the other side.

Instead of roads, they found tangles of blowdown, occasional swamps of bull brush to push through, soft-snowed fens and bogs to cross.

Most deaths or cripplings in training were from hunting accidents: a neck or head broken by a low branch, a horse failing to clear a blowdown, even a jaguar brought to bay and charging.

There he took them behind a thickly limbed spruce blowdown, some hundred feet from the trail, tied their reins to branches, and pumped a plasma charge into each beautiful head.