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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Blotchy \Blotch"y\, a. Having blotches.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1799, from blotch + -y (2). Related: Blotchiness.


a. Covered in blotches.

  1. adj. marked with irregularly shaped spots or blots [syn: blotched, splotched]

  2. marred by discolored spots or blotches; "blotchy skin"

Usage examples of "blotchy".

Under normal circumstances, it took a great deal of encouragement to get Blotchy to move at anything beyond a jolting trot.

Unable to think of any other strategy, she kept Blotchy moving steadily forward.

He rapped on the red hood the way a Craps shooter might blow on dice, and then the light had changed and the blotchy truck boomed on across the intersection.

She merely expanded, her face turning a blotchy pink as it swelled to nine times its normal size.

Her face had turned such a bright, blotchy pink that her freckles had vanished for the moment.

Then, when Asher raised his brows, the old man flushed an unhealthy, blotchy pink.

Lydia when Lydia tried to turn away, her face red, blotchy as if with the approach of tears.

Miss Potton turned red and pale and pink, and blotchy combinations of all three, and finally settled on the mousseline de soie, for which Lydia then bought a pair of white satin slippers, kid gloves, and a thin gold chain with a pendant of rose quartz and earrings to match.

An afternoon of crying had left her face blotchy, but her eyes were dry and she carried her chin at a determined angle.

He walked to the base of the ramp, then to the dark blotchy stain Mark had found.

Mark turned back to stare at the dark blotchy stain on the concrete floor.

Beneath the curling signs of power, his dead flesh was blotchy and discoloured with rot and the various stages of decay.

His face was white and strained, with blotchy patches of colour, but he seemed entirely rational.

Ryan, his hand smoothing uneasily over his crown, staring after them, his face a blotchy rash of angry colour.

I saw his red face go purple and from purple to white, or rather a blotchy semblance of dirty yellow.