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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Blotched \Blotched\, a. Marked or covered with blotches.

To give their blotched and blistered bodies ease.

  1. Covered in blotches. v

  2. (en-past of: blotch)


adj. marked with irregularly shaped spots or blots [syn: blotchy, splotched]

Usage examples of "blotched".

I saw that her skin was mottled, blotched with darker and lighter grays.

The skin translucent there, blotched and discolored, the veins swollen and twisted.

It was flanked on one side by a bloated puffball colored black, and on the other by a crinkled, convoluted monster blotched with brown and yellow.

Now she wore a plain IEO field uniform, its green blotched by red-brown dirt.

Against the softness and luxury the killer looked like a skull at a feast: tall, horribly emaciated, eyes smoldering in the blotched skin of his face.

An acre of gritty soil lacking the usual perimeter fence, the surface scarred and blotched with weed.

Her deeper thoughts were elsewhere-without doubt, still brooding upon those vicious employers of hers who laughed at her blotched face.

It was not yet quite dark, and she kept the blotched side of her face averted as she stood by his bed.

Comparing what I saw about me with the blotched palimpsest of my memory, I gained some vague awareness of my location within London, and judged that Limehouse must be near ahead.

They wear tunics of flimsy satin, pink and yellow, red and white, black and white, red, green and white, in blotched stripes of brilliant colours that dazzle like an optical illusion, and they bedeck themselves with much jewellery made of red glass.

He wore only a breecliclout, and his pale skin was blotched with islands of pale green.

A small smear of blood blotched the whiteness of his shirt at the neck.

I stared at my stitchery, willing my tears to dry before they fell and blotched the fine linen.

The surface of the table was peppered and blotched by no less than eight kinds of rot, three of which were unfamiliar to him, being quite unknown in milder climes.

Blood spotted the sheet over him and blotched the rags thrown down near a water pitcher not far away, and the threadbare nightshirt he wore was damp with sweat.