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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Logwood \Log"wood`\n. [So called from being imported in logs.] The heartwood of a tree ( H[ae]matoxylon Campechianum), a native of South America, It is a red, heavy wood, containing a crystalline substance called h[ae]matoxylin, and is used largely in dyeing. An extract from this wood is used in medicine as an astringent. Also called Campeachy wood, and bloodwood.


n. 1 Any of various trees having red wood: 2 # (context Australia English) Certain eucalypts 3 ## (vern: woody-fruited bloodwood), genus (taxlink Corymbia genus noshow=1) (formerly (taxlink Eucalyptus subg. Corymbia subgenus noshow=1)) 4 ## (vern: paper-fruited bloodwood), (taxlink Eucalyptus subg. Blakella subgenus noshow=1) 5 # (context Jamaica English) A loblolly bay (tree) ((taxlink Gordonia haematoxylon species noshow=1)). 6 # (taxlink Brosimum paraense species noshow=1), a tree found in Central and South America. 7 # Any of several trees from the genus ''Pterocarpus'', of the African and Asian tropics. 8 # (taxlink Haematoxylum campechianum species noshow=1), a tree from Mexico. 9 (context uncountable English) The wood of such trees.


Bloodwood is a common name for several unrelated trees,including:

  • Brosimum paraense, a tree found in Central and South America
  • Many Eucalypt trees in the genus Corymbia from Australia
  • Haematoxylum campechianum, a tree from Mexico
  • Several trees from the genus Pterocarpus

Usage examples of "bloodwood".

But the stolid tree--a bloodwood, all bone, toughened by death, a few ruby crystals in sparse antra all that remained significant of past life--afforded but meagre hospitality to the, soft lead.

His bloodwood sword hung in its harness beside it, newly oiled, the Uryd warcrest freshly painted on the broad blade.

Their bloodwood swords would echo ancient rages among the unsuspecting Rathyd and Sunyd.

His mind is as a Lanyd arrow in the forest, but will that aid him when our bloodwood blades are out and battlecries sound on all sides?

Consequently when with a careless flourish he whisked between two bloodwoods the sled struck one with a shock that for a moment "dithered" the Island.

No bloodwoods grew this far north, or if they did they were no longer recognizable as the sure and towering trees that were more highly valued than livestock in the clanholds.

Unbidden, a vision of the little blond-haired luntman Wennil Drook came to him: Dagro Black-hail and liver-spotted Gat Murdock pushing the bloodwood staves through the pink hairless skin on Wennil's back.

She and Angus were alone here, separated from the open space of the great hall by a bloodwood stang as wide as a smoke tower.

All chambers were stone walled and barrel ceilinged, supported by massive bloodwood stangs sealed with pitch.

Sandstone buildings were worn, crumbling, propped up by massive bloodwood stangs, and leaking smoke and lamplight from a thousand cracks and chinks.