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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Hematite \Hem"a*tite\, n. [L. haematites, Gr. ? bloodlike, fr. a"i^ma, a"i`matos, blood.] (Min.) An important ore of iron, the sesquioxide, so called because of the red color of the powder. It occurs in splendent rhombohedral crystals, and in massive and earthy forms; -- the last called red ocher. Called also specular iron, oligist iron, rhombohedral iron ore, and bloodstone. See Brown hematite, under Brown.


n. A green chalcedony that has been sprinkled with red spots (which resemble blood, hence the name).


n. green chalcedony with red spots that resemble blood [syn: heliotrope]


Bloodstone may refer to:

  • Heliotrope (mineral) or bloodstone, a form of chalcedony

In film:

  • Bloodstone (1988 film), an action/comedy film
  • Bloodstone: Subspecies II, a 1993 horror film
  • Bloodstone (2009 film), a horror film

In games:

  • Bloodstone: An Epic Dwarven Tale, a 1993 video game by Mindcraft Software, Inc.
  • James Bond 007: Blood Stone, a 2010 video game
  • Bloodstone, an item in the video game series Defense of the Ancients
  • Bloodstone Lands, a kingdom in the Forgotten Realms Dungeons & Dragons setting

In music:

  • Bloodstone (band), an R&B, soul and funk band
  • "Bloodstone", a 1982 song by Judas Priest from Screaming for Vengeance
  • "Bloodstone", a 2007 song by Amon Tobin from Foley Room

In other uses:

  • Operation Bloodstone, a CIA recruitment program for former Nazi officers and diplomats who could be used in the covert intelligence operations against the Soviet Union
  • Ulysses Bloodstone, a character in Marvel comics
    • Elsa Bloodstone, his daughter
    • Cullen Bloodstone, his son
  • Bloodstone, a novel by Karl Edward Wagner
Bloodstone (band)

Bloodstone is an American R&B, soul, and funk group, most popular in the 1970s and early 1980s. The band charted thirteen songs between 1973 and 1984.

Bloodstone (comics)

Bloodstone, in comics, may refer to:

  • The Bloodstone or the Bloodstone Gem, a Marvel Comics fictional mystical gem from which the Bloodstone family in Marvel derive their name.
  • Bloodstone, a fictional family in Marvel Comics:
    • Ulysses Bloodstone, the patriarch of the Bloodstone family who found the Bloodstone
    • Elsa Bloodstone, his daughter
    • Cullen Bloodstone, his son
    • Elise Bloodstone, her mother who appeared in her daughter's eponymous series
  • "Hunt for the Bloodstone", a 1989 Captain America storyline where he looks for the Bloodstone and uncovers Ulysses' body. There is also a trade paperback collection of it.
  • One of the five pentagonal arranged Bloodstones of the Bloodstone amulet created by Belasco, which was used to open a gateway and release the Elder Gods from their imprisonment
Bloodstone (1988 film)

Bloodstone is a 1988 American action- adventure film produced by Ashok Amritraj and Sunanda Murali Manohar, directed by Dwight H. Little and written by Nico Mastorakis. Starring Brett Stimely, Rajinikanth and Anna Nicholas, the film was shot primarily in South India, the story revolving around a mythical ruby called the "bloodstone".

Bloodstone (2009 film)

Bloodstone is a 2009 American film. It was shot over a period of six months and took two months for post production. The film premiered on May 22 as a fundraiser for charity.

Bloodstone (album)

Bloodstone is the debut album by soul group Bloodstone. It was released in Europe but not in the United States. The last 4 tracks, however, appear as bonus tracks on the CD version of their later LP "Unreal"

Bloodstone (Russell Morris album)

Bloodstone is the debut studio album by Australian singer songwriter Russell Morris. The album was released in September 1971 and peaked at number 12 on the Australian Go-Set chart.

Usage examples of "bloodstone".

Once in studying these unhallowed manuscripts, I seem to recall, I found reference to a bloodstone ring.

In the booty captured in a savage raid, Kane discovers a ring, a bloodstone, which is key to the power that lies buried, inactive but not dea, within the forest.

Hechon looked toward him in shrewd calculation, and after a pause he tossed the bloodstone ring to him.

Kane frowned slightly and continued to examine the bloodstone ring speculatively.

Swiftly Kane scooped up the bloodstone ring from the darkened earth and straightened to face the other outlaws.

The bloodstone ring wriggled on his mud-slick finger and came perilously close to slipping off.

The bloodstone ring, loose on his finger, sailing away from his hand as he cast the spear, arcing over the embattled swampland.

With an insane bellow, Kane scrambled to his feet, eyes fixed upon the spot where the bloodstone ring had disappeared.

Deliberately Kane stalked toward them, fist extended so that all could behold the bloodstone ring.

How long their awe of the bloodstone ring might maintain this nervous truce, Kane cared not to guess.

But in the dim light Kane recognized immediately the kinship of this monolithic crystal to the bloodstone ring upon his forger.

No vestige of decay marred Bloodstone, nor did any vine cling to its gleaming curve.

A crescent bank of the mottled red igneous stone stood close by Bloodstone, raised somewhat, as an altar before an idol.

Incalculable cosmic energies at last unleashed, Bloodstone blazed with a coruscating fire of life.

The bloodstone of the ring meshed into the central depression, meeting the blood-dampened metal with an electric crack.