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Blom is a leading European service provider within acquisition, processing and modelling of geographical information. Blom maintains unique European databases with collections of map, images and models. With particular focus on online services, Blom provides data and solutions to customers in government, enterprise and consumer markets and enables partners to create applications using Blom’s databases, location-based services and navigation solution. Blom has more than 600 employees and subsidiaries in 10 countries. The company headquarters is in Oslo, Norway. The parent company NRC Group is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange .

Blom (surname)

Blom is a surname of Scandinavian, German and Dutch origin. Blom is a Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Afrikaans term for bloom or flower. In German and among Ashkenazic Jews it is a variant of Blum meaning flower or bouquet. In Dutch it is a variant of Bloem meaning meal, flour, flower, or bloom.

Blom (family from Skien)

Blom is a Norwegian family descended from Jan Fredriksen (died 1624), a citizen of Skien. His son, parish priest Fredrik Blom (died 1657), Lårdal, adopted the family name Blom. According to playwright Henrik Ibsen, the family was one of the patrician families in Skien. The family is related through marriage to families such as Cappelen, Løvenskiold, Paus and Aall.

The family adopted its coat of arms, featuring a sighthound, in the early 19th century. The coat of arms is loosely based on coats of arms of other families with similar names, not known to be related to this family.

Usage examples of "blom".

Outside Vealos we had the pleasure of waving a last farewell to a man to whom the expedition will always owe a debt of gratitude, Captain Christian Blom, Superintendent of the dockyard, who had supervised the extensive repairs to the Fram with unrelaxing interest and obligingness.

Mevrouw Blom would be coming shortly, she would arrange something with her.

There was no one about--though a vague murmur of voices from the kitchen indicated that Tante Emma and Mevrouw Blom were doing something about supper--Maartje would be with Tante Marijna.

Mevrouw Blom had just returned from a shopping expedition the sight of her, dripping water from a plastic mac, and with wisps of damp hair hanging forlornly from her headscarf, was almost more than Augusta could bear.

Blom found that on brominating orthoacetamido-acetophenone in presence of water or acetic acid, the bromine goes into the benzene nucleus, whilst in chloroform or sulphuric acid or by use of bromine vapour it goes into the side chain as well.

Mevrouw Blom would be coming shortly, she would arrange something with her.