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n. (plural of bloke English)

Usage examples of "blokes".

blokes would be there straight from the shower, squashed up next to blokes in shit state straight from the field.

So the attitude of some of the other blokes came as a bit of a surprise.

As I sat there listening to songs by the Stylistics and the Chi-Lites, I could see now and again blokes that I recognized from the battalion walking past, looking at me through the window.

I was stuck in a doorway, covering the two blokes who were running the VCP.

While I was on my way to the operations room one night, three or four blokes turned up in a car with all their equipment.

By this time Scouse was with me and the other two blokes who had come over the fence line.

One of the blokes from the sangars at the SF base reported that he had seen somebody running up the disused railway.

SF base, the dog handler and his mutt, and two other blokes, and off we went.

One or two blokes were late, having got off the train at Hereford station and asked the locals for directions.

I was feeling really fit and confident, but these blokes were just steaming past, especially on the uphill sections.

It annoyed me that compared with some of these blokes, I was a bag of shit, sweating and knackered.

Pen-y-Fan with this big house on my back, sweating away, four or five blokes came sprinting past with track suits and day sacks on.

One of the blokes who had failed needed driving to the station, and I had offered.

I lit a hexy burner, put the grenade box on top, and the blokes tipped in their sachets of beef stew and rice for a communal scoff.

One of the blokes, the Canadian jock who had been our snowplow during Selection, came out looking like a Biafran.