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n. (plural of blocker English)

Usage examples of "blockers".

The village of Val-Goral has fallen to the enemy—and they have set up transporter blockers, so we cannot beam in.

Secondary goal is to locate the transporter blockers and capture them.

Tsui's blockers wouldn't last much longer, but he was fine except for the missing foot.

So long as my blockers remain in place they'll think that anybody coming in or out of the lift will be one of the authorized pair and admit them, so I'm not worried about access.

I said I had some blockers if he wanted, which, I guess, was stupid, too, 'cause of his business.

Pills are standard blockers, except for the one with the little yellow stripe.

Trying to treat a brain on the point of exploding with ten-dollar blockers.

You can see she'd been spending most of her time in here, popping blockers and tranqs, trying to sleep off the pain.