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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1400 of a tool, c.1600 of a person, agent noun from block (v.). U.S. football sense from 1914.


n. 1 agent noun of block; something that blocks something specific. 2 # A playing card, needed by one player, that is held by another. 3 # A piece of equipment a goalie uses on his hand in multiple forms of hockey.

  1. n. a football player whose responsibility is to block players attempting to stop an offensive play

  2. a class of drugs that inhibit (block) some biological process [syn: blocking agent]


A blocker is someone or something that blocks.

Blocker can also refer to:

Blocker (ice hockey)

The goalie blocker is a rectangular piece of equipment worn by ice and roller hockey goaltenders. It is generally worn on the dominant hand.

The blocker is a close-fitting glove augmented on the back of the hand, wrist and part of the forearm by a rectangular "block" of padding and fabric ( leather or synthetic). Goaltenders hold their stick in that hand and use the padded rectangle to block shots -- bouncing them away from the net, as opposed to holding them in the catching glove. Experienced goalies can "steer" the shot by angling the blocker as the puck strikes. The padding also serves to protect the hand and lower forearm of the goaltender.

Blocker (surname)

Blocker is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Dan Blocker (1928–1972) American actor
  • Dirk Blocker (born 1957) American actor
  • Terry Blocker, American baseball player

Usage examples of "blocker".

Due to which, I just took a departmentally approved blocker for the amazing headache.

I took a blocker yesterday, and I let Mira treat me when I went by her place.

And a vitamin E blocker in raw kidney beans, alfalfa, and some peas increases the incidence of liver disease in animals.

The priests would first examine the bi-kyndi blocker that Bryndel had given them, and then compare it to the various things the catkin had taken from his chambers.

Grand Master for a bi-kyndi blocker to the Temple of Ishla in Larquental.

She had never told him that blended in with the bi-kyndi blocker and memory drops had been a poison.

Preparation was important, she reminded herself, and washed down a pain blocker with the good French wine she preferred.

Della blocker, just in case, but if you find her sick, just show her the flask.

The blocker would gene-tailor out the specific enzymes that made merge necessary for her body, but sometimes it took a clinic to keep you from going back to what your mind still wanted.

She was banking on the zoned and shut off his IV drip of blockers without a twinge of remorse.

Pills are standard blockers, except for the one with the little yellow stripe.

Nutrition blockers are chemicals that bind with some desirable vitamin or mineral and prevent your intestines from absorbing it.

Celtic knotwork tanned into her bronze skin and protected with blocker.

Sometimes her blockers would go on vacation, allowing two or three rushers to drag her to the ground.

The bad side: Grapefruit juice increases the effective dose and the side effects of other drugs like calcium channel blockers, benzodiazepines, amiodarone, and Zoloft.