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The Collaborative International Dictionary

blin \blin\, n.; pl. blini, bliny or blinis. [Russian.] a thin buckwheat pancake made with yeast and usually filled with sour cream and folded over. See also blini.


blini \bli"ni\ (bl[=e]"n[=e]; bl[i^]"n[=e]), n. pl.; sing. blin. [Russian.] Russian pancakes of buckwheat flour and yeast, sometimes made from white flour; they are usually served folded over, with caviar and sour cream on the inside; -- properly, it is a plural word (from the Russian plural of blin) but in America, often used as singular; thus the common plural blinis.

Syn: bliny, blinis.


Etymology 1 n. (context obsolete English) cessation; end vb. 1 (context obsolete English) To cease from. 2 (context archaic or dialectal English) To stop, desist; to cease to move, run, flow, etc., let up.


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Usage examples of "blin".

 Ike's  dad used to do it  in  the  Wind  River  Range  for  Texans  who  paid  to  sit  in  a  blind  and  'hunt' browns  and  blacks.

You would  not  know  the  old  blind man  was  dying,  his  enthusiasm    for  the   raspberries    was    so  complete.

 Like    all    of    de    l'Orme's    acquisitions,    he    was    so physically  perfect  you  wondered  if  the  blind  man  was  really  blind.

He  did  not  relish  the  sight  of  a  blind  man arguing with bayonets.

 Drill  instructors  began  taking  recruits  to  the  rifle  ranges at  midnight  for  point-and-fire  practice  and  blindfolded  rappels.

 With  this  kind  of  low ground,  the  high  ground  was  nothing  but  a  blind  man  waiting  to  be  robbed.

 One  by  one  the  Rangers  had  gone  through  the  gate,  turning  into  bursts  of blinding radiance.

 If  not  for  a  blind  man's  bare  fingertips,  it  might never  have  been discovered.

 Occasionally  they  forced  him  to walk  blindly  down  the  tunnels.

 Small  toxic clouds swirled at head level, blinding white in their headlamps.

It  can create  a devastating  wound,  break  up into multiple fléchettes, or simply create  a  blinding  distraction.

 Black  eyes  or  blue,  kinky hair or straight, chocolate skin or yellow or brown or white, crooked, blind, or  straight: none of that mattered.

The  Dominicans hurried to their relic and alternated  between  scrutinizing the linen for damage and guarding it from the blind trickster.

 The  carefully  woven  combinations  of  light  and other  electromagnetic  wavelengths  were  blinding  and  generally  lethal  to  life-forms bred  in  darkness.

Ali blinked quickly at the dense piles of  bone  and  flesh,  and  raised  her  eyes  to  quell  her  sickness.