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Blaster \Blast"er\, n. One who, or that which, blasts or destroys.


n. 1 Anything that, or anyone who blasts. 2 A device to detonate an explosive, often consisting of a box with a handle to be pressed down. 3 (context science fiction English) An unspecified powerful hand weapon, usually one that fires energy.


n. a workman employed to blast with explosives [syn: chargeman]


Blaster may refer to:

Blaster (computer worm)

The Blaster Worm (also known as Lovsan, Lovesan or MSBlast) was a computer worm that spread on computers running the Microsoft operating systems Windows XP and Windows 2000, during August 2003.

The worm was first noticed and started spreading on August 11, 2003. The rate that it spread increased until the number of infections peaked on August 13, 2003. Once a network (such as a company or university) was infected, it spread quicker within the network because firewalls typically did not prevent internal machines from using a certain port. Filtering by ISPs and widespread publicity about the worm curbed the spread of Blaster.

On March 12, 2004, Jeffrey Lee Parson, an 18-year-old from Hopkins, Minnesota, was arrested for creating the B variant of the Blaster worm; he admitted responsibility and was sentenced to an 18-month prison term in January 2005.

Blaster (Transformers)

Blaster is the name of several fictional characters in the Transformers television and comic series based on the popular toy line produced by Takara Tomy and Hasbro. Due to trademark reasons, he is sometimes called Autobot Blaster. He is an Autobot who specializes in communications.

Blaster (flamethrower)

The Blaster (also called the "BMW Flamethrower") was a 1998 invention by South African inventor Charl Fourie designed to provide a defence against carjackings.

The invention came in response to the increasingly severe violent crime situation in South Africa, which in 1998 had already made the country (particularly Johannesburg) the per capita murder, assault, rape and carjacking capital of the world. The Blaster was a liquefied petroleum gas flamethrower installed along the sides of the vehicle under the doors. Should a group of carjackers suddenly attack the vehicle while it is stopped in traffic (the typical scenario), the occupant could flip a switch and direct 5 metre plumes of flame upward into the facial area of anyone trying to enter the vehicle through the doors or windows. Fourie claims it is unlikely to kill but would "definitely blind" the assailant. In South Africa, it is legal to use lethal force in self-defence if in fear of one's life, and ownership of flamethrowers is unrestricted.

The device was controversial in South Africa, with some (including the Automobile Association of South Africa (AA)) speculating that the device might cause more carjackers to simply murder drivers with gunfire as a precautionary measure before approaching the vehicle, a tactic which was already fairly common.

In any case, the device was not banned (as is sometimes reported), but the high price tag limited its market and made it unprofitable. By 2001, only a few hundred had been sold, and the device was taken off the market by Fourie, who instead started marketing a less expensive pocket-sized "personal flamethrower". 2009 statistics report the murder rate in South Africa has decreased by nearly 50% since 1999, but the assault rate has stayed steady and the carjacking and rape rates have actually increased, remaining the highest per capita in the world, and there is still some use of Blaster-equipped vehicles in Johannesburg and elsewhere.

The Blaster received ample (and often satirical) media coverage from abroad. In particular, it earned its inventor the 1999 Ig Nobel Peace Prize (a parody of the real Nobel Prizes).

Blaster (Star Wars)

The blaster is a science fictional energy weapon that appears in the Star Wars universe. Lucasfilm defines the blaster as "ranged energized particle weaponry". Many blasters mirror the appearance, functions, components, operation, and usage of real life firearms. They are also said to be able to be modified with certain add-ons and attachments, with Han Solo's blaster being said to be illegally modified to provide greater damage without increasing power consumption.

The design of the blaster is based on the real-life Sterling sub-machine gun used by the armed forces of the United Kingdom over the second half of the 20th century, with changes made by the filmmakers such as alterations to the magazine.

Blaster (video game)

Blaster is an arcade game developed by Eugene Jarvis and released by Williams in 1983. The game is a 3D shooter set in outer space and is a quasi-sequel to Robotron: 2084. The objective is to shoot enemies and avoid obstacles in twenty differently-goaled levels in order to reach paradise. The game had advanced graphics at the time of release, that used scaled sprites to display the impression of three dimensional worlds and asteroid fields.

Blaster (album)

Blaster is the unreleased debut studio album of French electropop recording artist and entertainer Jérémy Amelin, finalist of French music TV show " Star Academy 5" - French version of American Idol broadcast on French TV channel TF1. The album was originally scheduled to be released on October 24, 2011, but X-Cite Records cancelled the album release.

Blaster (song)

Blaster was FLOW's first major debut single after signing with Ki/oon Records. It reached #12 on the Oricon charts in its first week and charted for 6 weeks. *

Blaster (Scott Weiland album)

Blaster is the only studio album by American rock band Scott Weiland and the Wildabouts, as well as Weiland's final album. The album was released on March 31, 2015, by Softdrive Records. The album was supported by the singles "White Lightning", "Way She Moves" and "20th Century Boy". Guitarist Jeremy Brown died one day before the album's release, on March 30, 2015. During the tour to support the album, Weiland was found dead on the band's tour bus on December 3, 2015.

Usage examples of "blaster".

Warily, Solo slid out of the booth, bolstered his blaster, and continued on toward the lobby, flipping a coin to the bartender as he passed.

Smith readily agreed to do a series of novelettes constructed around the character Neal Cloud, a professional blaster of atomic vortices from power plants out of control, an extrapolation of the business of dynamiting blazing oil wells.

So when Riker got his hands on the blaster, Maror was still able to hold on to it as his injured membranes fought to regain their equilibrium.

She lay the blaster aside and waited silently, as directed, but impatiently as Singai and Modoc each laid their hands upon Trace and closed their eyes.

By the time Ryan reached Uda and the girls, Doc, Mildred and Jak had closed in as well, and the children were ringed with outpointing blasters.

He bolstered the blaster and drew the panga, gripping it between his teeth, the steel cold and bitter on his tongue.

Even though their blasters could fire underwater, the heat from the plasma bolt would instantly turn the water into steam and vapor along its path, and in a confined space might parboil the man firing it.

The pyrotic swiveled a glance at the Blaster, then swiveled away as quickly.

The pyrotic swiveled a glance at the blaster, then swiveled away as quickly.

As blaster fire echoed down the corridor, she felt more than heard Quarle close on her heels.

He unhitched his blaster and blaster strap and recircled it about his naked waist.

Han caught a glimpse of Reck turning toward him as he disappeared into another corridor and straight into the blaster sights of two more Peace Brigaders.

The heavy metal of the Steyr SSG-70 rifle across his back and the blaster at his hip seemed to be leeching away what little heat his body generated.

AK-47, so Ryan had one of the blasters tucked in there, but he had his Steyr and another Kalashnikov strapped across his back.

Imperial pilot fired his blaster, shooting twice into the thicket where Tenel Ka had vanished.