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Blaník (Czech: ) is a mountain emblazoned with legends, in the Czech Republic near Louňovice pod Blaníkem. The hill and surrounding area is a nature reservation. The Blaník massif consists of two forested rocky hills, the Great Blaník (638 m) and the Small Blaník (580 m).

Blanik (disambiguation)

Blanik is a mountain in the Czech Republic.

Blanik may also refer to:

  • The LET L-13 Blaník sailplane produced by Let Kunovice
  • Asteroid 7498 Blaník
  • Leszek Blanik - Polish gymnast
    • Blanik (vault) - double front vault first performed by Blanik and named after him
  • The last work in Má vlast, a set of tone poems by Bedřich Smetana.
Blanik (vault)

Blanik is the name of a technique in vault in artistic gymnastics, a double front handspring vault in piked position in, followed by a double back Tsukahara. The piked performance of the technique has rating 10.0 in the Code of Points. The vault was first performed by the Polish gymnast Leszek Blanik, and is named after him. Leszek Blanik was the world champion in vault 2007, and Olympic champion in vault in 2008.