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n. (plural of blackheart English)

Usage examples of "blackhearts".

I had not planned how I would kill Espinal, but the realization that certain of the aerials had a deleterious effect upon the body inspired me to think that exposing him to the ravages of the blackhearts, luring them to him in some way and watching them drain him of energy, that would be a most fitting end for the man.

I doubted he would have felt so invincible had he been able to see the blackhearts massing above him, gathered into an eddying cloud that seemed in miniature a representation of the storm clouds overhead.

I intended to finish him then and there, but as I cast about for the gun I saw that several blackhearts had descended from the upper air and were drifting near.

In the dim, flickering light, the blackhearts, their ugly opaque forms trembling as if in a state of excitation, had a freakish, evil look, and as they drifted closer to Espinal, despite my hatred, I felt a twinge of sympathy for the man.

I retreated farther from Espinal and watched as one of the blackhearts came to hover inches above his face.

He took a step toward me, then appeared to notice the other two blackhearts hovering at waist level to his right.

The column of blackhearts no longer stood above himI supposed they had joined the swarms of their fellows abovebut his posture was unchanged.

The signal column of blackhearts, the processional of the cloud with its attendants, and the victim waiting alone, a victim prepared for the ritual by my actions.

Rather than devising a plan to regain my offices as businessman, father, and husband, I found myself thinking of bizcochos, blackhearts, melchiors and swizzle sticks, of the unknowable creature coiled within my skull, of the mystery these creatures posed, the exotic universal potentials their existence suggested, potentials most clearly expressed by the stormdweller.

But you were much hurt by those blackhearts, and that your friends sorrowed to see.