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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Blackheart \Black"heart`\, n. A heart-shaped cherry with a very dark-colored skin.


n. A heart-shaped cherry with a very dark skin.

  1. n. any of various diseases in which the central tissues blacken

  2. heart cherry with dark flesh and skin cherry [syn: blackheart cherry]


Blackheart is a fictional demon appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character is usually depicted as an adversary to the superhero Ghost Rider. Created by writer Ann Nocenti and artist John Romita, Jr., Blackheart first appeared in Daredevil #270 (September 1989). The character has also appeared in other media, such as the 2000 video game Marvel vs Capcom 2, and in the 2007 film Ghost Rider, in which he was portrayed by actor Wes Bentley.

Blackheart (disambiguation)

Blackheart is a Marvel Comics character.

Blackheart may also refer to:

  • Blackheart (album), a 2015 album by Dawn Richard
  • Blackheart Beagle, a Disney character from the Duck universe
  • Blackheart Records, an American record label founded by rock musicians Joan Jett and Kenny Laguna
  • Blackheart, a 2001 film starring Christopher Plummer
  • Blackheart Eng, a discontinued brand of guitar amplifier that was a former division of Crate
Blackheart (plant disease)

Blackheart is a non-parasitic disease of the fruit of cultivated plants, such as tomatoes, that causes them to rot from the inside. External signs of the disease may or may not be present. The internal blackening develops in plants exposed to environmental pathology such as drought conditions or poor soil.

Blackheart (album)

Blackheart is the third studio album by American singer Dawn Richard, which was released on January 15, 2015, by Our Dawn Entertainment. The album was originally scheduled for an October 2013 release, but pushed back in favor for the production of the third Danity Kane album DK3. None of the previously released singles "Judith", "Meteors", "Levitate" and "Valkyrie" can be found on the final track-listing.

Usage examples of "blackheart".

Her body wanted his, a fact Raven Blackheart could not, and refused to, deny.

He figured the mysterious Raven Blackheart had fulfilled his friends need, sure of it when they jetted to Las Vegas and married.

Raven Blackheart Lansing to her new home was fueled and waiting for their arrival and immediate takeoff.

Almost immediately after the blackheart had come to rest, the boy ceased his energetic activity and walked stiffly, slowly, for several paces, his face devoid of expression, and even when the blackheart floated away, he did not regain his good spirits at once, but moved dazedly, falling far behind his classmates.

Judging by his clumsiness, his flailing efforts, I thought that the blackheart must be impairing his motor control.

I tell much from his body languagewhether in the grip of emotion or compelled to quiet by the blackheart nesting in his skull, he had ceased his struggles.

Not now, not when Blackheart stalked his wife and his child like a madman.

He nodded, the hairs on his nape prickling with the knowledge that Blackheart grew tired of waiting.

Completely at the mercy of the pain the bastard Blackheart had caused in her.

Ren sat astride the white horse facing Blackheart on his hellish demon, he slowly drew his sword and lifted it skyward.

But the dark knight lashed out with his feet and Ren tripped, falling facedown as Blackheart surged to his feet.

Her adrenaline surged and she levered herself up, putting all her weight on the side of the boat, tipping it up so high and so fast that Blackheart tumbled right over her head and into the lake.

As they walked outside, Blackheart danced with high spirits, as if anticipating a run.

She gave Blackheart his head, allowing him to pick up speed as they raced across the fields toward the south.

It was impossible to focus on any problems with the power and speed of Blackheart beneath her.