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Bisley may refer to:

Places in England
  • Bisley, Gloucestershire
  • Bisley, Surrey
  • Bisley Ranges, near the Surrey village, the headquarters of the National Rifle Association of the United Kingdom
  • John Bisley (disambiguation)
  • Simon Bisley, British comic book artist
  • Mary Caroline Bisley, memoirist of early settler life in New Zealand
  • Steve Bisley (born 1951), Australian actor
  • Bisley, the initial name for the ground attack version of the Bristol Blenheim bomber of World War II
  • Bisley (solitaire), a solitaire card game
  • A variant of the Colt Single Action Army revolver
Bisley (solitaire)

Bisley is a solitaire card game which uses a deck of 52 playing cards. It is one of the few one-deck games in which the player has options on which foundation a card can be placed.