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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Birlaw \Bir"law\, n. [See By -law.] (Law) A law made by husbandmen respecting rural affairs; a rustic or local law or by-law. [Written also byrlaw, birlie, birley.]


n. (alternative form of byrlaw English)


Birley ward —which includes the districts of Base Green, Birley Estate, Charnock, Frecheville, Scowerdons and part of Hackenthorpe—is one of the 28 electoral wards in City of Sheffield, England. It is located in the southeastern part of the city and covers an area of 5.1 km. The population of this ward in 2011 was 16,943 people in 7,393 households. It is one of the five wards that make up the Sheffield Attercliffe constituency.

Birley Estate is a housing estate in the southeastern part of Sheffield. It is built on what was Birley Moor just to the north of the small hamlet of Birley. Birley Spa to the northeast was a hotel and spa built in 1842 around a spring of mineral water. The building was restored in 2001/02 and is Grade II listed.

Birley (disambiguation)

Birley is an electoral ward in the city of Sheffield, England.

Birley may also refer to:

  • Birley (surname), common English surname, includes a list of people named Birley
  • Birley Collieries, coal mines in Sheffield, England
  • Birley Community College, secondary school and technology college in Birley, Sheffield
  • Birley Spa, community bath hall in Sheffield, England
  • Birley with Upper Hill, civil parish in Herefordshire, England
Birley (surname)

Birley is a common English surname, and may refer to any of the following people:

  • Andrew Birley (born 1974), British archaeologist, son of Robin Birley (archaeologist) and Patricia Birley
  • Anthony Birley (born 1937), Professor of Ancient History at University of Manchester (1974-90), son of Eric Birley
  • Caroline Birley (1851–1907), English geologist, niece of Hugh Birley
  • Derek Birley (1926–2002), English educator and writer
  • Eric Birley (1906–1995), British historian and archaeologist, great-grandson of Hugh Hornby Birley
  • Francis Birley (1850–1910), England international footballer who won the FA Cup three times, nephew of Hugh Birley
  • Hugh Birley (1817–1883), Conservative Party Member of Parliament for Manchester from 1868 to 1883, nephew of Hugh Hornby Birley
  • Hugh Hornby Birley (1778–1845), leading Manchester Tory who is reputed to have led the fatal charge of troops at the Peterloo Massacre
  • India Jane Birley (born 1961), British artist and businessperson, daughter of Mark Birley
  • Mark Birley (1930–2007), British entrepreneur and founder of Annabel's nightclub, son of Oswald Birley
  • Mathew Birley (born 1986), English professional footballer
  • Oswald Birley (1880–1952), British portrait painter, great-grandson of Hugh Hornby Birley
  • Patricia Birley (born 1948), British archaeologist, wife of Robin Birley (archaeologist)
  • Patrick Birley (born 1965), chief executive of European Climate Exchange, son of Robin Birley (archaeologist)
  • Robert Birley (1903–1982), English educationalist who was headmaster of Charterhouse School and Eton College, and an anti-Apartheid campaigner
  • Robin Birley (businessman) (born 1958), English businessman and political activist, son of Mark Birley
  • Robin Birley (archaeologist) (born 1935), British archaeologist, son of Eric Birley

Usage examples of "birley".

But Millie had to conceal from Randall Birley, standing awkwardly at the door, the truth about her emotions.

She was photographed with the supporting arm of that rising star Randall Birley around her.

Jemima, who had no cousins or close relations of any sort, would make do with Randall Birley for a cousin if she were able to choose one.

Randall Birley had been her hero, but paradoxically the whole episode had robbed her of hero-worship.

It was only at this point that Jemima recognised the voice of Randall Birley, since he had never bothered to announce his identity.

Jemima had not figured Randall Birley as at all political, unlike Millie Swain, but perhaps he had been persuaded by Millie to do a commercial for the Labour-Liberal coalition.

It was Jemima Shore, not Charley Baines, who was the unwilling witness to the subsequent colloquy between Randall Birley and Millie Swain.

Where Randall Birley and Millie Swain were concerned, Jemima was still at this point unaware that they had not arrived together.

Exactly as Charley Baines had predicted, it was Randall Birley who scooped the awards from Twelfth Night both as director and actor.

It was Helen Troy herself, on stage growing from a small tramp to a delicious star, who presented Randall Birley with his Best Actor Award.

The noise was caused by Millie Swain pushing her way out of the row, under the cover of the heavy applause for Randall Birley, or was it for Helen Troy?

Something dangerous which had existed between herself and Randall Birley from their first meeting had detonated.

Randall Birley did not show a great deal of emotion when he addressed the company, but his voice was uncharacteristically flat as if he were making an enormous effort to show leadership by not breaking down.

Randall Birley could all too easily have got hold of the key: borrowed or stolen from Hattie who adored and trusted him.

Yes, Jemima knew where Randall Birley was: at the Irving Theatre, at least he would be there until 10.