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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Humanoid bipeds shaped their vocal chords to reproduce the noises they heard about them.
▪ I told her, as an adult I prefer the company of featherless bipeds.
▪ The awkward biped stood and looked out over the tops of the grass at a landscape empty of familiar landmarks.
▪ They are part of the biodiversity of which we, as human bipeds, are also part.
▪ Through a quirk of nature, I, a reptile, had suddenly been rendered a biped.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Biped \Bi"ped\, n. [L. bipes; bis twice + pes, pedis, ?oot: cf. F. bip[`e]de.] A two-footed animal, as man.


Biped \Bi"ped\, a. Having two feet; two-footed.

By which the man, when heavenly life was ceased, Became a helpless, naked, biped beast.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"animal with two feet," 1640s, from Latin bipedem (nominative bipes) "two-footed," as a plural noun, "men;" from bi- "two" (see bi-) + pedem (nominative pes) "foot" (see foot (n.)).


n. An animal, being or construction that goes about on two foot (or two leg).


adj. having two feet [syn: bipedal, two-footed] [ant: quadrupedal, quadrupedal]


n. an animal with two feet


Usage examples of "biped".

The fact that they are biped has told against them historically - as it seems to have done against biped races everywhere.

He should get the impression that these rabble biped bands are a serious revolt.

I was posted here from Starjj, another biped world, sir, and there my reputation for efficiency was also high.

How would the refineries, the factories, the mills, the farms, all the rest of it, work without biped labour?

The truth is, we cannot do without a single fighting biped against us.

Yet here was a life-form, this flimsy, hateful, biped lifeform, flaunting the bright moving bits of itself.

A nul had his own ideas of entertainment, and did not indulge them in public as most biped races were accustomed to.

How he guessed the biped was wired is beyond me - it repeated very carefully everything we told it to say.

Completely at peace widi a world in the midst of war, die biped ambled direcdy toward a small cluster of guards, bringing die need for initiative nearer and nearer, making diem sweat widi anxiety and creating such a panic diat diey forgot to itch.

This resulted in a complete lack of movement on the part of the soldier, who gawked at the biped in utter helplessness.

Waving it to a stop, he picked four two-comet subofficers from his own group to act as an escort, shooed them into the new craft along with the biped who entered without comment or protest.

He made the inquiry forcefully, demanding a response and quite indifferent as to whether or not the biped might find this line of inquiry offensive.

The subofficers sitting to either side of him snickered but the biped did not react.

They hustled the biped down a side corridor, away from the glances of curious pass-ersby.

He was not quite ready to relegate this frustrating biped to that category.