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Bip or BIP may refer to:

  • Basis point
  • Batterer intervention program
  • Basic Imaging Profile, Bluetooth profile which is designed for sending images between devices and includes the ability to resize, and convert images to make them suitable for the receiving device.
  • Binary integer programming, a special case of integer programming
  • Binding immunoglobulin protein, a molecular ER chaperone that regulates protein folding.
  • Bit interface parity ( parity bit), refers to parity protection on computer interfaces
  • Biotechnology industrial park, a special form of industrial park
  • BIP (brewery), (), a brewery in Belgrade, Serbia
  • Bip (channel), a comedy channel
  • BIP Investment Partners, an investment company
  • Bip the clown, a famous character of mime Marcel Marceau
  • bip!, a contactless smartcard fare system used in Transantiago and Metro de Santiago, in Santiago de Chile.
  • Botswana Independence Party, a political party in Botswana
  • British International Pictures, a British film production, distribution and exhibition company
  • Bearer Independent Protocol, a technology in mobile communication to provide the (U)SIM with access to data services through any of the data bearers supported by the mobile phone.
  • Bit interleaved parity
  • Books in Print, an organization managing a commercial bibliography that lists nearly all books that are currently available in a given territory from major publishers
  • Biuletyn Informacji Publicznej (BIP) government-sponsored public information system in Poland
  • Bitcoin Improvement Proposal a technology proposal for bitcoin core software, similar to the RFC system

People named Bip:

  • Bip Roberts (born 1963), former Major League Baseball second baseman and outfielder
  • Boom Bip (21st century), producer and musician
Bip (channel)

Bip (, pronounced beep) is a comedy web portal, a production unit and night time TV strip on Israel's Channel 2, owned by Keshet. Founded in 2000 and it was included in the channel pack of the Israeli digital system HOT before becoming independent.

In 2009, the channel broadcast Israeli based television shows, and foreign ones such as South Park, Seinfeld, Friends and NewsRadio, but also included Israeli based original television shows, including "BeHafra'a" ("Disturbance"), an Israeli version of " Distraction" hosted by Ido Rosenblum, "Mahadura Mugbelet" ("Limited Edition"), a satire show, "Project Bip," a stand-up comedy competition, "Crime Animals," crime comedy, and "Quicky," a sitcom . Most of its shows were limited for the age 14 and older. The channel also broadcast several non-comedy foreign shows, such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Star Trek and more.

On December 31, 2010, Bip ended its broadcasts on HOT and opened as portal and weekend TV nightly comedy strip.

BIP (brewery)

Beogradska industrija piva (abbr. BIP; full legal name: ) is a brewery with headquarters in Belgrade, Serbia.

In addition to a range of beers, brewery produces soft drinks, vinegar and yeast.