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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cinematograph \Cin`e*mat"o*graph\, n. [Gr. ?, ?, motion + -graph.]

  1. an older name for a movie projector, a machine, combining magic lantern and kinetoscope features, for projecting on a screen a series of pictures, moved rapidly (25 to 50 frames per second) and intermittently before an objective lens, and producing by persistence of vision the illusion of continuous motion; a moving-picture projector; also, any of several other machines or devices producing moving pictorial effects. Other older names for the movie projector are animatograph, biograph, bioscope, electrograph, electroscope, kinematograph, kinetoscope, veriscope, vitagraph, vitascope, zo["o]gyroscope, zo["o]praxiscope, etc.

    The cinematograph, invented by Edison in 1894, is the result of the introduction of the flexible film into photography in place of glass.
    --Encyc. Brit.

  2. A camera for taking chronophotographs for exhibition by the instrument described above.


n. 1 An early form of movie projector 2 (context South Africa dated English) A cinema or movie theatre.

  1. n. a South African movie theater

  2. a kind of early movie projector


Bioscope may refer to:

  • An early generic name for a movie camera
  • Various specific models of movie camera and movie projector
    • The Urban Bioscope or Warwick Bioscope, camera and projector
    • Emil and Max Skladanowsky's Bioscop
  • A bioscope show, a travelling movie theatre
  • An obsolete regional term for a movie theatre
  • Bioscope (film), a 2008 Indian film
  • Le Bioscope, a former theme park in France
Bioscope (film)

Bioscope is a 2008 Malayalam film produced by National Film Development Corporation of India (NFDC) and directed by K. M. Madhusudhanan. The film won a Special Jury award at the 56th National Film Awards and also won 5 awards in the 2008 Kerala State Film Awards.

Bioscope (TV series)

Bioscope is a television series based on feature films.

Usage examples of "bioscope".

Behind them, across the cobbled plaza, the giant figure of Mother Lysos emerged through her own door above the other automatons, holding a bioscope in the crook of one arm.

He knelt by Willie, staring up at him, studying him like a bug under a bioscope.