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The Collaborative International Dictionary

bioengineering \bi`o*en*gin*eer"ing\ n.

  1. biological science applied to the study the relation between workers and their environments.

    Syn: ergonomics.

  2. the application of engineeering principles to solve problems in medicine, such as the design of artificial limbs or organs; -- called also biomedical engineering.

  3. the branch of engineering dealing with the application of biological processes to the solution of practical problems, such as the manufacture of products by fermentation, the production and use of enzymes for various purposes, the use of microorganisms in environmental cleanup, etc.; -- called also biotechnology.


biomedical engineering \bi"o*med`i*cal en`gin*eer"ing\ n. The application of engineeering principles to solve problems in medicine, such as the design of artificial limbs or organs; -- called also bioengineering.


n. The applications of the principles of engineering to any of the biological or medical sciences


n. the branch of engineering science in which biological science is used to study the relation between workers and their environments [syn: biotechnology, ergonomics]

Usage examples of "bioengineering".

I thought some training in mechatronics and bioengineering might make me a better designer.

The bioengineering tour de force that had created Cerberi had also screwed up their hereditary instincts.

The Marsgazelle had been a marvelous feat of bioengineering for its day, when an earlier generation of sportsmen had turned it loose to stock the Martian deserts.

There were a few dozen camelsboth the primitive four-legged model and the six-legged improved version that had been the product of a later generation of bioengineering some donkeys in much-patched pressure suits, piled high with now-empty produce baskets, and a few sorry-looking Marshorses carrying the village elite.

I was fortunate to be a part of that new beginning, though I was but a small finger of the bioengineering touch group entrusted with the project.

And the Nar had concluded that it was their obligation to the vanished race whose works, in bioengineering and the basic sciences, had profited them so greatly.

The only kind of bioengineering we do here is an occasional batch of chocolate chip cookies.

That was a medical and bioengineering question, and it would take a technical expert to answer it.

But for GalacTech, it meant that human bioengineering experiments could at last be carried out without involving a lot of flaky foster-mothers to carry the implanted embryos.

The spurt forward in genetic bioengineering that made you possible was based on the perfection of a new technology, the uterine replicator, from Beta Colony.

Brought back to life by Goliath Bioengineering in the late thirties and early forties, they were as much a part of modern life as dodos or mammoths.

I was glad when we reached the top of the hill, cleared the forest and drove down past a small dam and a lake before a rise in the road brought us within sight of the old Goliath bioengineering labs.

Angus Gordon specialized in planning and bioengineering, but more importantly he was a lateral thinker, a leader and problem solver, not a manipulative bully.

It suddenly hit him that, unless Marcus was holding a few undisclosed doctorates in bioengineering and systems analysis, the sergeant could not possibly have written it.

UM 006 is a cadaver who recently journeyed across Detroit from the University of Michigan to the bioengineering building at Wayne State University.