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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

short for biography, attested from 1961.


n. 1 (form of Abbreviation biography English) 2 biographical sketch 3 (context informal English) (form of Abbreviation biology English) 4 (context South Africa informal English) bioscope; cinema

Bio (graffiti artist)

Bio is the tagger name of Wilfredo Feliciano (born 1966). He started painting graffiti on New York City Subway in 1980, and is one of the founding members of the TATS CRU.

The "cru" was formed along with Brim and Mack originally known as T.A.T. Cru. Bio has painted for many major movies and music videos and has exhibited his work throughout the world.


Bio or BIO may refer to:

Bio (Australian TV channel)

Bio (stylised as bio., formerly The Biography Channel) was an Australian general entertainment channel available on Australia's Foxtel, Austar and Optus Television pay television services.

In 2014, the channel rebranded with a new on-air look, logo and programming. In addition, the channel moved from channel 117 to channel 133.

On 1 November 2015, the channel closed, ceasing transmission at 4am, with selected titles moved to other Foxtel-owned channels.

Bio (album)

Bio is an album by Chuck Berry, released in 1973 by Chess Records.

Usage examples of "bio".

The short bios of the officers involved in the shooting and Deputy Doolan were sketchy at best.

Our Bio assignment was to watch a documentary on the Learning Channel about people who have body dysmorphic disorder.

Gold leaned close to Lense and looked over her shoulder at the bio readings.

Made from the blubber of beluga whales, Junko also knew muktuk, via bio accumulation was increasingly found to contain alarming levels of PCBS and lead.

Jednim okom, kroz sobni prozor, provjerio sam mjesto gdje je bio parkiran auto koji sam pogodio bocom, ali ono je bilo prazno, a zatim sam zavirio u crnu kroniku.

Nos joj je bio sastavljen od tri okrugla komada, vrha i odebljalih nozdrva, a obrve od dve crte krive i opake, ofarbane.

Physics lab, bio lab, nuclear science, earth sience --they all wanted their hands on that tricorder data.

Plava ga nudi travom, ali u staklu postera mogu vidjeti kako bezglasno odbija i odjednom se na vratima pojavljuje Plavi, s trojicom tipova s kojima je bio zatvoren u sobi, prati ih do vrata, oni nam bezglasno odmahuju.

Ko god nije bio zadovoljan time mogao je da se sprema i da se seli u druge krajeve.

It is a brief history of cosmos, bios, psyche, theosa tale told by an idiot, it goes without saying, but a tale that, precisely in signifying Nothing, signifies the All, and there is the sound and the fury.

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I can see my own moves, from chemistry to biochemistry, from bio- to neurochemistry, as a forerunner to the arrival of the new generations of neurobiologists and neuroscientists.

Via bio accumulation harmless or sublethal doses in lower organisms can collectively become damaging or fatal to consumers higher in the food chain.

Loemanako, face mostly a mask of shredded flesh pocked with the green tags where the rapid regrowth bios were embedded.

SATCOM radio, the KY-57 encryption device, the folding umbrellalike antenna, and one of the several bio sample kits.