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vb. (en-past of: bike)

Usage examples of "biked".

It was hard to accept that Jill, who worked tirelessly at the office, who rock-climbed at Moab and biked the rough terrain in Sedona, had twice been denied a child.

He biked over the county line without another word, and Nick followed.

Fran asked as Stu slowly biked over to the curb and put his feet down.

He biked steadily along, conscious only that the light night breeze felt nice against his sweaty face.

Numbly, his feet found the pedals and he biked on, faster and faster, bending over the handlebars to cut down the wind resistance, picking up speed until he was nearly flying along.

When I was done, I put on my shortest shorts and a tank top and biked over to her place, eager to spend the day with her.

A few minutes later, three people biked down the path: Sax, leading Nirgal and a native woman.

Sax biked back and forth on the lawn behind the sand, at one point riding with no hands and waving at the group.